Blood Relations

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Blood Relations

Pratt tells Chen that her father doesn't have a pulmonary embolism. She's having him admitted for pneumonia medicine, and Pratt tenderly asks her how much longer she can take care of him alone. "There are assisted living..." he begins. Chen shrugs tearfully and exposits that she was sleeping in her hotel room when her mother died, alone. Pratt understands and watches as a brokenhearted Chen strokes her father's face.

Olivera calmly tries to tell Neela that she'll need a chest x-ray once they ascend. They only have three feet to go. He's trying to tell her to be careful, but the second they can open the door, Neela bolts through it and sprints through the hospital, knocking people over left and right until she gets to a door that leads to a balcony. There, she takes deep, enormous breaths. I find it amusing that, with chest pain and a possible lung issue, she can both sprint and inhale deeply. Lauren begins to laugh and laugh and laugh, then flips off the TV. "Suck my chest tube," she growls.

Susan leads Chuck into a sports tavern, where her father -- Paul Dooley -- is sitting and watching a hockey game. "Hi Dad," she says. He barely looks up, and tells her he already ordered her a beer because he thought she'd be there at 6. She smiles at Chuck as if to say, "See? Insane," and tells Paul she wants to introduce someone. Paul shouts at the game, and then turns distractedly to Susan. "What?" he asks. Susan, still smirking endlessly, introduces Chuck. He offers his hand, and Paul stares at him before accepting it. I yearn for him to call Chuck an oily bohunk. "Boyfriend?" Paul asks. "Yeah," Susan says. "You two had dinner yet?" Paul asks. Susan coughs and breaks it to him that she's pregnant and he's going to be a grandfather. Again. Anyone want to mention Chloe and Suzy? Anyone? You know, considering how Susan raised her sister's baby for a while and was so attached to it, and so broken when she lost it, you'd think we'd get some credit from TPTB for being longtime viewers and that they'd let Susan talk about how much it probably means to her to be pregnant now. Suzy was practically Susan's daughter for a time -- I refuse to believe she'd be so blasé about having a kid of her own, no matter whom it's with, because of what she had to go through with that little girl. This is insane. This is a waste of a beloved character's history. Paul gruffly asks if Chuck's going to marry Susan. "If she'll have me," he beams. Aw. "About damn time," says Paul. Huh? Is he supposed to be an asshole? Whatever. Susan laughs and smirks and blushes, and I have no idea if we're to infer that she's accepting this or is just embarrassed by it all, but we fade to black on the lilting strains of "Stuck In The Middle With You," and it just makes me sad that she show itself doesn't even know how Susan feels about any of this. Dicks.

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