Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

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Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

Storming up to Mark, Weaver wonders aloud exactly what he's trying to accomplish. "His wife's [in] end-stage dementia," Mark rationalizes. "I'm trying to help both of them." By convincing a man to let his wife die, then live with the guilt? Maybe that's easy for a pushover who's had two shrill wives, but Mr. Tanzi actually seems to like his. Annoyed with Weaver's intervention, Mark childishly dares her to take on all the patients, since she's the one axing the doctors. "He had it coming," Weaver insists, cataloguing Dr. Dave's flaws -- insubordination and lax attitude being two of them. "He has no respect for anything," she argues. Mark thinks a reprimand is better suited to the situation. "You can't get rid of him just because you two don't get along," he says. "Hell, if that were the case, you'd have to fire all of us." Weaver knows she's lost this round, but stupidly opens her mouth and spits that she doesn't feel like answering to Mark on this one. He's already lost interest, though, having spied a very pointy and elfin-looking woman waiting impatiently near reception. It's Jen, doing her best to look like Hilary Swank's long-lost Vulcan sister. Although I'm sure the folks in the Enterprise forums will be able to explain the roughly six ways that's genetically impossible, based on newly translated charts detailing the Vulcan reproductive cycle. Mark leads his alien ex to Rachel.

Standing under the El tracks outside Luka's apartment, Carter tries to comfortably hold onto a giant fish tank. Abby rummages for her keys, but helpfully shouts, "Don't break it!" Struggling under the tank weight, Carter sputters, "You owe me so big for this." Hey, Abby? The guy has a bad back and a wounded foot. Think you could carry one end? Suddenly, she curses that she left her keys up in Luka's place. Carter's relief is palpable. "That's it, mission aborted," he grins, turning to leave. But Abby has a brainstorm: Luka sleeps with an open window, so if she can just climb up the fire escape, she can break in and unlock the door. "Wouldn't it make more sense just to leave this out front?" Carter asks, hopefully. Abby frets that someone would steal it. Except that it's huge. And rectangular. And won't exactly fit up under anyone's t-shirt. "Who steals a fish tank?" grouses Carter. "Come to think of it, who breaks a fish tank?" They prop it against the wall, and Abby studies the fire escape with interest. "Give me a boost," she orders. "No!" Carter laughs. Abby tells him to hush and bend over; "You could at least buy me dinner first," he cracks. Abby laughs openly, which is nice to see. Carter reminds her of his bad back, and Abby feigns offense, then climbs up onto him and reaches for the ladder. He could've just cupped his hands and let her use that as a stair, but then he couldn't blame future back pain and mental trauma on Abby. The ladder is stuck, so Abby dangles from it with her legs wrapped around Carter's waist, giggling. Clyde notices the fish tank beginning to topple, so he bolts, leaving Bonnie swinging unsupported from the fire escape.

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