Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

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Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

Chen strolls outside and tries to unwind, sipping coffee. She spies Malucci sitting out there dejectedly. "Weaver change her mind?" she asks, gently. Dave smiles ruefully and says, "Nah, not yet." Chen believes she will, once the anger subsides, but by now even Malucci understands this is different from the usual spite with which Weaver regards him. He cops to erring enormously on Paul's case, blaming himself for telling Chen the x-ray was clear and thus prompting her to ignore it. "I thought I was doing the right thing," he says sadly. "I just wanted to save him." Chen helpfully recalls an old saying: "You're not a real doctor until you've killed a few patients." I prefer to recall an old joke: what do you call a medical student who graduates last in his class? The answer: Doctor. Dave's mouth twitches, but he's utterly glum. Chen quietly asks what he's going to do next. "This is the only thing that I've ever been any good at," he says. "I'm going to be a doctor." And with that, he reenters the ER.

Carter walks Abby up the stairs to her apartment. Abby is surprised that the cops never picked up Carter for any silly misdemeanors when he was a kid. She giggles that she kinda-sorta stole a Gremlin in her youth, engaging in a brief high-speed chase, but all for a noble cause: "We had to get Wham! tickets," she grins. I can totally relate. George Michael was one of my very first celebrity crushes. We were in looove, except for the whole he-was-gay- and-I-was-six thing. Abby then invites Carter in for a coffee "or something," but Carter completely fails to let his mind exaggerate the "or something" part and stupidly says he can't, because he's got an early wake-up call. "Thanks for helping me," she says, sheepishly. Carter tells her to find another wheelman next time. "That's too bad," she twinkles. "I had my eye on this liquor store around the corner." Leaning heavily against her door, she finally bangs it open and laughs self-consciously, then leans contemplatively against the frame. She stares. Carter stares. She bites her lip, then lamely offers, "Sorry I almost got you arrested." Carter still looks inquisitively at her, and I think we're witnessing The Look, the one that's both a question and an answer as long as one of them acts upon it. Naturally, the upstairs neighbors start a screaming match that spoils the mood, and the lady who lives next door bursts out of her apartment to investigate. Carter backs away, taking his leave of Abby but doing so in very high spirits. Someone's going to be watching a porno tonight.

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