Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

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Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

In a low voice, Malucci makes one final plea. "I need this job," he whispers. "You can't fire me, I have a kid to support." Whoa. I agree that this tidbit, regardless of its veracity, makes Malucci a lot more interesting. Either he's a seasoned manipulator, or he's a father; maybe he's both. Typically, the show only throws him a story bone when it's his last scene; however, it never would have been revealed had Erik Palladino not been written out of the show. There's no way the writers had this little Malucci paternity secret bubbling under the surface all these years, and simply failed to write scripts about it. No, it's a quick and easy fix for his farewell story line, to make him look sympathetic at the last second, and it's grounded in nothing. Weaver spins around and regards him curiously, convinced he's never mentioned anything about being a father. "Did you ever ask?" he chokes. "You don't know a damn thing about me." Weaver is clearly affected by the revelation, but stands firm: "I know you're fired," she says firmly. Furious, Malucci rips off his stethoscope. "You're a sad, cold-hearted bitch," he hisses. "You may not like me, but nobody here likes you." Weaver shouts for him to get out immediately. "You know why this stupid ER is so important to you, lady? Know why?" he challenges her. "'Cause it's the only thing that you've got in your life." Slamming his stethoscope down on the counter, Malucci hatefully spits, "Nazi dyke." As disgusting and intolerant as that slur is, it would've been so much more fascinating as a story point if Malucci had yelled it, stormed out, but still had to return and try to work in the ER, or maybe go through disciplinary hearings. It's a bold choice for the character's exit, but so much bolder if it's a character beat and part of a larger arc. Not that any of the chimps that write the show are listening. Weaver watches his irate departure, stunned and gutted. Swallowing her reaction, she walks away, having just experienced that which she most desperately feared.

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