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Entering Joanne's room, Terry greets her sister tersely, and Mark dives right into the issue, saying he wants to draw her blood and have her sign a consent form. Terry's all, "Whoa there, Beaker, back up the gurney." Apparently, Paul didn't tell Terry what this was about, preferring instead to ambush her in the hospital room. "I might need a new liver," Joanne says expectantly. "And my best shot for a match is someone in the family." Terry's jaw drops. "Wait a minute," Terry protests. "I have the Sweet Sixteen this weekend." Joanne gapes, "What?!?" Defensively, Terry points out that her team beat Indiana in the NCAA tournament, "a game you obviously didn't watch." Joanne dismisses it. "You play in a lot of games," she brats. Oooh, bitch. Lizzie explains that they just need to remove 60% of Terry's liver so they can give it to Joanne. "She always gets more of everything!" screams Terry, leaving in a blue fury. No, actually, Elizabeth calmly points out that Terry's healthy liver will regenerate completely after time; that's hardly comforting, and Terry continues to fight the idea, reminding them all what a big deal the playoffs are. She's a whiny one, too. Both these girls need to disappear. Terry wants time to think. "What's to think about?" rails Joanne. Elizabeth intercedes and says they're being premature and can wait to discuss it further until they're sure Terry is a match.

Shelley, gowned up because she hit her head when she fainted, stares in shock at the blonde girl's wounded body. Weaver spies this. "What's Renee doing here?" wonders Shelley. Weaver is surprised to learn that this Renee is Diana's roommate, and it makes Kerry visibly uneasy to hear it. She asks Shelley if the roommates were close. "No," Shelley chokes. "She's quiet, kind of weird. Diana's moving out in a few weeks to come live with us." She then badly acts concerned about Diana's welfare, and cringes to hear that Diana died. "I'm sorry," Weaver says gently.

Chen is henpecking Martin. "I called your house today," Chen enunciates. "I know you can speak because I heard you on the machine. Why aren't you talking to me?" Hey, I wouldn't talk to her either. Martin looks at her beseechingly and hands her his bright green-and-blue knit hat. Chen isn't interested, so he defiantly snatches it back tearily and hugs it to his chest. "Stop playing games!" yells Chen. "Tell me what's wrong!" Chen, shut UP. Browbeating him clearly isn't the answer. Why hasn't she called for a psychiatrist yet? Why did Ming-Na agree to come back to this show?

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