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Neela really needs to find other places to mope. She spends most of her time now pouting through the halls of County; for someone who doesn't want to be a doctor, she's having an awfully hard time cutting the cord. Although NICU was her worst rotation. Abby finds her and asks where her parents are. "Are you crying?" she asks suddenly. Neela wipes her eyes. Aw. Abby apologizes and promises to talk to her at 8 when she gets off. "I'll wait," Neela says glumly. "For three hours?" Abby asks. "I have nothing better to do," Neela shrugs pathetically. Not even...looking for a job? She's doing a lot of wallowing. That can't be healthy, and Abby's probably the wrong person to talk to if you want to stop wallowing, because back in the day she was the world champion wallower. If you wanted to see an emotional rut in action, you had but to turn on the TV.

Abby checks up on Tesoro, who is confused about what happens now. Abby shrugs that she might be able to go back to Mexico. "They don't love me, they don't want me," Tesoro says by rote, as if programmed to believe it. "Of course, they do," Abby says. She brandishes their phone number and dials it even though Tesoro is terrified that her family won't remember her. Sure enough, when Abby muddles through the greeting, the family remembers her and wants to talk to her. Abby hands off the phone and watches, touched, as Tesoro begins to sob and weep, "Te amo, mami."

Carter asks Kyle if he slept. "What do you think?" snorts Kyle. Carter found out that Kyle refused surgery to touch up his cheek implant. "A drop in the ocean, right?" Kyle says. "Whatever." Carter gives up and walks away, so Kyle shouts out, "You a Democrat?" Carter turns and says that he is, most of the time. "People rag on this war," Kyle says. "I say it was a good thing. Gave a lot of people their freedom." Carter pauses. "It's good that you feel that way," he condescends. Ew. There's just something about that, like, "Well, isn't that nice for you." Kyle bitterly spits, "Where the hell would I be if I didn't?" And of course, this all comes around to being about a woman. Carter reveals that he found out Kyle got engaged, and apparently, Kyle dumped his fiancée Karen by not letting her see him in Bethesda. Carter talks the talk about how she wouldn't give up on him that easily, and Kyle spews the all the requisite bitterness about how even good people sometimes don't like skin grafts. "Maybe in a few years I won't think about her anymore," Kyle decides. Carter looks sad for him, and sad for himself, because he's always hoping that in a few years he won't be thinking about some girl or other anymore.

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