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Luka pours Carter a steaming cup of coffee. "I don't know what happened," Carter says tiredly. "I thought it would help somehow." Luka is sympathetic and calm. "What else is going on?" Luka presses him gently. Carter lies that everything is fine. "You looked bad all day. I wasn't the only one who noticed," Luka says. Carter is reluctant to open up, but Luka reminds Carter that he can be trusted. After a pause, Carter chokes that he is having trouble sleeping. "I keep having these dreams," he begins, and then bites back a sob. "I miss her," he admits. "And I miss the baby." Luka gives him a scorching hot look of understanding. "I miss all the stuff I thought we were going to have, and I don't know how to get any of it back," Carter finishes. Luka clearly feels this, and may I say that his empathy is sexy, sexy, sexy.

Neela escorts Tesoro to the steps of the train station and then explains to the girl -- whom we have already established cannot regularly communicate in English -- that all she has to do is hop the train to L.A., then change for San Diego, then catch a bus to Mexico. Neela hands her an envelope with two-hundred dollars in it. "You need to get on that train," Neela urges her. "No sé como," Tesoro whimpers. She's afraid. Neela stupidly tries to tell her what to do by repeating it a bit slower, and using different words. Neela should go on The Amazing Race with those skills. Tesoro insists that she can't go it alone, and Neela heaves a sigh.

The CPS lady irritatedly asks Abby where Tesoro is. Abby lies badly that she couldn't find the girl, and thinks she fled. The CPS lady exits grumbling about the bad security at the hospital. "We say that every year," Abby says delightedly.

Carter shuffles out of the lounge. "Hi," she smiles at him. "I lost my cell phone," he says. Abby promptly produces it from her pocket. Then she lightly asks him if he wants to go to a meeting with her at St. John's. Carter cuts her off gently by refusing, insisting it was just a small slip. Then he has the grace to admit that, after all the crap he gave Abby, this makes him a hypocrite. But instead of spitting "Yeah, take that, bloatrag," she instead smiles and shrugs that really, they're all hypocrites. That's...sort of accepting the apology, I guess.

As Luka leaves, Sam chases him outside and runs up to him awkwardly. She pauses, and then says, "Uh, you know what you said earlier? Over in the steps?" He nods. "Me too," she admits, staring at the ground. Luka smiles. This seems very in character for Sam -- she has stated that she has trouble trusting people, so I buy that she has trouble knowing how to say gracefully to somebody that she loves him. I think it's obvious she's scared but delighted, and is doing the best she can. "So, come on by later, and I'll make you some eggs," she beams at him. Then, as they turn to part company, she whirls back around and runs up to him and throws herself into his arms; they spin and kiss, and it's pretty cute. That will always be, in my mind, a very romantic thing to do -- throwing yourself into his arms, and having him sweep you up and kiss you. Mmm.

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