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Norah Jones chooses this moment to pipe up and sing, which means somebody is at an emotional crossroads. Carter takes one last look at Kyle's records, meets the kid's eye as he leaves, swaps a repellently knowing nod with the kid, and then picks up his cell. He dials. "Kem," he says to her machine. "I know you're sleeping, but I just wanted to hear your voice."

Tesoro sleeps with her head on Neela's shoulder as they ride the train to L.A. Poor Neela is stuck there with nothing to read and no control of the left side of her body, so she just stares out the window and hopes that the answer to her life will appear. I just hope she's prepared for some misdirection, because she'll probably see a lot of cows and corn, and I don't want her to think they are the answer.

Abby wordlessly joins Haleh in Trauma Yellow as they wrap up the corpse of the gay-bashed kid. "You know, Haleh," Abby says, clearing her throat, "if there's ever anything you think I'm doing wrong..." Haleh steps in, "You did everything you could, Abby. It was a good code." And just like that, they're fine. I guess Abby's having a crisis of confidence was good enough revenge for Haleh to forget their little altercation? Who knows. Abby lets the relief of this wash over her for a second, but her eyes betray that she's still upset that she couldn't save the boy. Maura Tierney is so, so good at letting ten different feelings cross her face -- even just her eyes -- at one time.

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