Dead Again

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Dead Again

Frank carries a bouquet of flowers to the front desk and reads the card: "Thanks from a grateful patient." Chen can't believe Florist Ken sent Pratt some flowers. A woman lying nearby complains that she's here for her allergies, and that the bouquet is exacerbating them beyond belief. Frank offers to move them. "Or give them to someone more deserving," Chen smirks. Pratt glides over with an indignant grin. "Hey, who saved flower boy's foot, and who moved more patients than anybody today?" he gloats. "Me, that's who. And you guys are going to miss me, because I'm outta here." He skips off into the wild blue yonder. Chen sidles up to Carter. "What's up with your boss? Is it true that she was crying?" Carter shrugs. Chen notes with a gossip's concern just how moody Weaver's been lately. "Lately?" Carter snorts under his breath.

Erin bursts in with a patient. "This man needs immediate attention!" she screams. Two adorable kids accompany her, begging for someone to help their father. Aw, man. The minute they bring moppets into it, you know there will be tears. "What happened?" Carter asks. Erin starts to answer that she saw him arrive and knew right away that he was diaphoretic. "I'm not asking you," Carter says firmly. The kid wearing the #9 shirt says they were playing ball when Pa grabbed his chest and sat down. This was an hour ago. "I thought it would go away," Pa croaks. He starts to collapse, and Pratt -- who hadn't had a chance to leave yet -- arrives from nowhere toting a wheelchair. "On a scale of one to ten, how's the pain?" Carter asks. "Forty," groans Pa with difficulty. They leave the kids, Pete and Derek (#9), with a nurse. Erin grabs Frank. "Would it be possible for us to wait in the doctors' lounge?" she asks hopefully. "As soon as you're a doctor," he sasses. She sighs, frustrated.

In Trauma Yellow, Carter diagnoses Pa's heart attack. They push drugs just as Abby arrives and calls Cardiology. Pratt exposits that Pa has a blocked heart vessel that they need to open up with a balloon; Carter hands Pa the paperwork so he can sign off on the procedure. Abby returns and informs them that cardio can send someone in thirty minutes, when they're done with a pacer-related surgery. "While they're messing around with an elective procedure, he's killing off heart cells!" Pratt rants. This is indeed a calming thing to bellow in front of your scared patient. Carter calmly says they have plenty of time to medicate, but then Pa's pulse disappears, and Carter grabs the paddles while Abby opens up an intubation tray.

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