Dead Again

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Dead Again

Derek wanders into Trauma Yellow and spies them laboring to revive Pa. He looks scared. "Call it," Kayson says. "You can stop." Derek hears Carter announce the time of death, and his lip trembles. Carter spies him in time to see him scurry away. "Can't lie to him now," Carter sighs. He and Kayson exit. Pratt angrily rips off his gloves. Suddenly, Pa's machine beeps a different rhythm. "Whoa!" Pratt shouts. "He's in v-tach! I can shock that!" Abby whirls in disbelief and reminds Pratt that Pa's already been pronounced dead, but Pratt's certain he can resurrect this one. He shocks once. Nothing happens. "He's dead!" Abby yells, but she doesn't exactly try to muscle him out of the way, either. She's so passive. Pratt shocks Pa again, and this works. "Oh my God," Abby chokes. "Bag him," Pratt smarms, then scampers off to measure his penis again in case it just grew.

Carter treats the kids, and us, to an excruciatingly long "Daddy's gone to a special farm for happy fathers" speech that is basically the shovel he uses to dig the hole he'll drop into in a second. They worked for an hour, they did all they could, they gave him drugs and shocked his heart, but Pa didn't respond. "Why not?" whimpers Pete. "His heart was sick," Carter says. "Too sick to save." Derek's nose twitches, his eyes fill with tears, and he blames himself for making Pa play ball with them. He's a great little child actor. Carter swears that no one knew about the problem -- not even their father -- and that getting him to the hospital was in fact the best thing that could've happened. The moppets cry. Oh, how they grieve. But we haven't seen enough. "He can't be dead," Pete whines. Can't he, Pete? Can't he? "I'm sorry, Pete, he is dead," Carter replies gently. Is he, Carter? Is he? Carter reminds them that it's okay to cry, because it means they loved their father. Their stone-dead father, who is both dead, and very dead, in addition to being dead. He offers to let the tots see their father and bid him farewell. "Yeah," Derek says, tears sliding down his cute little round cheeks. Pete nods. Carter leads them toward the trauma room, reminding them that the sheer number of tubes attached to their definitely not breathing father shouldn't scare them.

The trio rounds the corner and it slowly dawns on Carter that all the Pratt-centric activity around Pa's death is a weird sign. Does a dead man need lidocaine? It would seem like an insult. "I got him back," Pratt puffs proudly. Kayson bursts in after Carter, irate. "He's alive?" Derek gasps, delighted. "He's not dead," Pratt smiles.

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