Dead Again

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Dead Again

Weaver appears and once again harps on Chem's continued presence in the ER. "I'm waiting on labs," Gallant says. Weaver lectures him again on following orders and booting hypochondriacs from the ER so as not to waste precious resources. But Gallant gets the last laugh -- Chem's labs come back, and she's got a thyroid disorder that needs treatment. Hooray! Gallant wins! Weaver rattles off one last speech about how he's not a member of the ER until his rotation ends next week, so he should do his department's work and not the ER's. But she then acknowledges with a half-smile, "Good catch." She then asks him to discharge Chem so she can leave early. "I feel like crap," she winces. You know, the Weaver and Gallant relationship is sort of interesting to me. She is hard on him but she always seems to like him, and he seems to really enjoy her approval. Aw.

Abby is on the phone when Derek yells for her. "Pratt!" Abby calls out frantically. They both chase Derek into Pa's room, where Ma is watching his machines beep frenetically. "Did you sign the DNR?" Abby asks. Silence. Beeping. More silence. Abby repeats her question and The Crashing Drums of A Family Torn Apart By Death smash in the background. Derek demands to know what a DNR is. "It means your dad is too sick for us to try to help him," Abby explains gently. "He's already gone, baby," Ma cries. Derek screams. "He saved him!" the boy sobs desperately, pointing to a guilty Pratt. "He said he was gonna be okay!" Pratt hangs his head and whispers that they really did try. "Why are you letting him die?" Derek wails, trembling completely. This kid really is a better actor than half the people on this show. "Baaaaaaby, pleeeeeeeease," Ma overacts, scrunching her face in what she imagines is a stirring replica of agony. "Mama, tell them to do something," Derek pleads. "Why are you doing this?" When Abby calls asystole, Ma's face scrunches even tighter. Derek bolts from the room in tears, leaving Ma and Pete to weep alone at Pa's bedside. Pratt stares at the floor, ashamed of all the manly mental chest-beating he was doing earlier when he decided to play God.

Elizabeth and Chen are together at Reception. Chen tries to ask how Elizabeth's feeling, and Elizabeth works her hardest to avoid saying anything meaningful; Frank helps by interrupting her with the news that Alma's a quadriplegic. Elizabeth nods gruffly and enters the doctors' lounge, where she leans against the closed door with a sigh and closes her eyes, for the first time letting the tensions of the day wash over her even a little bit.

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