Dear Abby

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Dear Abby

Susan heaps a bunch more orders onto Abby, and Malik flees before he can get anything added to his workload. "Okay, did YOU hear about my letter?" Abby hisses to Susan through clenched teeth. A distracted Susan doesn't know what she means, and asks her to check on Elle. "How's she doing?" Abby asks. "PPH," Susan says. "Won't live to see her twenty-first birthday. Other than that, she's fine." Abby's shocked. Susan exposits that the test results won't be conclusive for another few days, and Elle's mother and father aren't telling her anything until it's definite. "You're not going to tell her for three days?" gasps Abby, appalled. "I know, it's awkward," Susan defends herself. "It's not awkward, it's stupid," Abby argues. "She already senses something's wrong. She deserves the truth." Susan reminds Abby that it's Elle's parents' decision, and that it's best for them all to stay out of it and let them make the mistake. I'm with Abby on this one to a point; legally, the parents probably can make this decision if Elle's under eighteen, but it does totally suck to treat her like a kid and keep her in the dark, which is probably a lot scarier than getting the facts.

Abby settles in for a nice, long pout, but she's cut short by a teacher toting a gaggle of students. They're visiting someone in the children's ward, and Abby begins to direct them, but then she shakes herself and smiles pleasantly -- even helpfully! Good lord -- and offers to escort them herself. Maybe she thinks this is her ticket upstairs to see Luka. Wait, that probably is it. Okay. So, it's not an unselfish impulse. Oh well. Can't blame her. "Who here wants to be a nurse?" the teacher asks merrily. No one raises a hand. "Boys can be nurses, too," Abby offers. "I want to be a doctor," one kid shouts. "ME TOO!" they all scream. A gurney rolls by with "Are you getting the message yet?" painted on it in Bobby's blood.

Weaver gets off the elevator and bumps smack into Romano. "To what do we owe this royal visit?" he sneers. Weaver isn't amused, nor did she appreciate his earlier antics. "It was inappropriate," she says. "So was this hospital boning me with a prosthesis that has a limited functional field," he snaps, listing all the things that could go wrong for him with a crap hook like this one. I have to say, I'm a bit surprised that Kerry isn't more of an advocate for him on this one. She did stand by him a little when the shit went down and the arm got lopped off, and even though they're archrivals and they kind of hate each other, it seems rather overly cold to refuse help. Especially when she strikes me as one who'd want to avoid potential lawsuits like this show avoids her lesbianism.

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