Dear Abby

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Dear Abby

Cut to the interior of a car. A coffee cup in the front cupholder is shaking like there's a T-Rex coming, and as we pan to the back seat, I realize just how much Dr. Diego would thank me for making that last statement. He and Elizabeth are furiously humping, her shirt hanging open. "Thank God I got you a decaf," he growls. She giggles and they resume their frantic boffing. And that doesn't look too much like a Jag, but it doesn't seem that much like a minivan, either, so maybe it is Diego's car. Either way, Mark's rolling jealously in his grave while Elizabeth's tongue is rolling in plenty more illicit places. Yes! You go, Elizabeth! Get yours! And damn did you choose well. Again, he might be a complete smug jerk, but he's a fabulous choice for a fuck friend.

Abby finally gets up to Luka's room, and his bed's empty. She sighs sadly. "He left," a voice says from behind her. She turns, and it's Luka, up and about for a stroll, leaning heavily on his IV stand. Abby's face lights up affectionately, and she looks so relieved to see him alive and in front of her. He returns her grin. In advance, I'll clarify that my interpretation of this scene is not that they're still in love, and not that Abby is a selfish cold bitch who wanted to spread her legs for him again. Rather, it seemed like she came close to losing one of the few real friends she ever made at County -- one of the only people who knows that much about her life -- and she's realizing she's both lucky to have him and that she just lost the other one. I think she is desperate to cry on someone's shoulder but she's too protective of her emotions to do that, and I think she is legitimately trying not to make this dialogue all about her. I also think it's a great scene, because there is just enough glow and ambiguous chemistry between them that it makes you wonder. And that's my two cents, but of course, it's all open to interpretation.

"What are you doing?" Abby scolds lightly. Luka shrugs that he wanted to stretch his legs. "It's good to see you," he says warmly. "You look great." Abby cracks, "You hell." Luka giggles. He's so cute. "Too much partying on the plane," he jokes. Abby steps forward awkwardly and tweaks his IV, and it seems pretty plainly her way of suppressing an urge to give him a hug, because she's too closed off to admit that she needs one herself and to express her full relief that he's okay. "So. I met Gillian," she says. "She seems...." "Yeah, she is," Luka interrupts. Insert your own adjective there, I guess. That way, the scene pleases everyone. "Must be nice having your own private nurse," Abby says with a tight smile, maybe a little wistful or maybe just trying to fight her urge to cry. Luka gently asks if Gillian gave her the letter. Abby clears her throat and looks away, blinking. "Did you read it?" she asks, trying to sound light. "No," Luka promises. "Well, you're the only one," Abby says, a flicker of hurt crossing her face. "I think he wanted to try and explain why he stayed," Luka offers. "He saved my life." The reality of that seems to dawn a little in Abby's eyes. "It's different over there. It changes you," Luka continues. "I think Carter found himself." Abby closes herself up again and protects herself with a joke: "I didn't know he was missing." Luka laughs with her, aware that she's covering. Luka softly assures her that Carter is going to be okay. "I don't want to talk about Carter any more," she says stiffly. "I think it was doomed from the start. I'm glad one of us had the courage to put it out of its misery." God bless, Abby. God bless. Luka smiles at her, and then muses that it feels strange to be back. "I think maybe I've changed, too," he says. "Change is good, right?" Abby smiles, her eyes maybe a tad moist. "I'm way overdue."

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