Dear Abby

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Dear Abby

Gillian enters, beaming as usual. "Hope he hasn't talked you into helping him escape," she says. Abby smiles back at her, but a little uncomfortably, which intensifies when Gillian starts fondling Luka's forehead to check for a fever. Abby excuses herself. "Nice to finally meet you!" Gillian calls out to her. "You too," Abby says. "Glad you're back," she then says to Luka. She walks a few paces, and then turns back to see Gillian and Luka in an intimate little teasing moment. Abby's expression is inscrutable, possibly tinged with self-pity at the fact that someone's moving on while she's getting left behind, and she crumples the letter anew and tosses it into a garbage can. This time, she doesn't miss.

And then, ostensibly inspired both by Luka and Carter's change and all the anvils raining down upon County General on this day, Abby takes a deep breath and enters Elle's room. Elle is reading SAT Prep books. Aw. As Abby sits down on the girl's bed and begins talking, we fade to black wondering whether Elle's parents are going to slap Abby's ass with a sharp lawsuit.

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