Dear Abby

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Dear Abby

Abby calls upstairs for an update on Luka; while she's waiting for an answer, Gillian appears behind her and cheerfully shares that he's lucid between naps. "And he's asking for a...meatball sub?" she twinkles, appearing confused. Perhaps Jared hasn't made it up to her neck of the woods yet, so French-Canadians don't know about the marriage of meatball and sub. Gillian's exuding joy. She also looks older than she did when she was sweaty and dirty, and her freckles are more pronounced. Abby blinks at this strange woman with total alarm. Did she not notice Gillian hovering over Luka earlier? Maybe she thought it was a crazed fan hoping for a glimpse of naked Luka. "Never mind," Abby says into the phone, never breaking eye contact with Gillian. "Hi," Abby says, startled, introducing herself. Gillian is delighted to recognize the name. "John talked a lot about you," she gushes. "John...Carter?" Abby realizes, surprised. I love that she doesn't call her own boyfriend by his first name, yet this stranger does. "I'm sorry, who did you..." Abby begins, perplexed, and I believe a bit suspicious of why this strange woman is on intimate terms -- that is to say, a first-name basis -- with her boyfriend. "You don't know!" Gillian realizes. "I'm Gillian! I worked with Luka and John in the Congo." She grins at a completely confused Abby, who apparently makes her living dealing with strangers yet is unaware how to react civilly to them. "Oh!" Gillian then jumps. "I have something for you." She roots around in her purse and produces the letter Carter pressed into Luka's manly, soft palm...I've never wanted to be a folded piece of paper more in my entire life. "John asked Luka to give you this," Gillian explains. Abby can only stare at it, flummoxed. "He wrote me a letter?" she finally gulps, dazed. Gillian excuses it by claiming it's hard to find any kind of working phone in the Congo, and charmingly changes the subject by asking where she might find "Doctor Magoo's." Frank gruffly replies, "You don't. It burned down." Which is a nice bit of continuity for a change, because it combusted after Luka had left, and of course he'd send Gillian there for a meal without realizing that it's a charred ruin. Or, maybe he knew, but having spent so much time in the Congo he thought she'd be homesick for something smoking and in shambles. Abby hightails it out of the ER, yelling over her shoulder that she's taking a break, and leaving Gillian to wonder why a rich guy like Carter dated someone with no social graces.

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