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Neela's parked by the side of the road. She's smoking. Her car is silver. She looks sick. She is such an afterthought.

Alex pads through the apartment to ask Sam about dinner, and bumps into her as she's charging into the living room with a pile of suitcases. She tells him she'll deal with all the clothes if he'll pack everything else he wants to keep in those bags. Guess she's not worried about getting back that security deposit. "We're moving," she tells Alex. "I don't want to go!" he wails. "I like it here. You're just being a bitch." Sam freezes. "I'm sick of moving just because you're screwed up!" he shouts. I know he's a kid, but again, he's clearly fairly bright in some areas -- why can't he be the rare kid in this situation who actually gets what his mother's worried about? I see why Sam's leaving, but Alex is so broken about being jerked from town to town that it actually makes me dislike Sam more for choosing to run away rather than spend some time trying to hammer out a solution to the Steve problem that will last her longer than nine months at a time. Sam is fed up with Alex, though, and she hisses at him that she's sick and tired of pretending Steve's a good guy. "I'm sick of keeping my mouth shut about all the crap he's done and all the stuff he hasn't, and I'm sick of him tracking us down every time he loses his job so he can come here and buy you enough presents to make you think he's actually a father, because he's not -- he's a user and a loser and I'm not going to let him turn you into one, too," Sam says, her voice breaking. "Now get your ass in that room and start packing." Maybe instead of running, Sam should try calmly explaining something to Alex first. He can always fail to understand -- but I'd like to see that she's ever actually tried communicating anything to him. I actually will go on a limb and say that I dislike them more than I do Abby's family, because at least there, you can see some undercurrents of mutual love. It's messed up, but it's running underneath all their fights; with Sam and Alex you don't see anything going her way from him, so it just makes him look like a whiny, pouty, badly brought-up brat who has no respect for his mother and thinks she's a loser. And says so, to strangers. Gah. How is that an appealing story?

Elizabeth wraps up Linda's surgery and lauds Luka for being nice enough to stop and help her in the first place. A nurse notices that the father's upstairs observing, so Luka goes up to introduce himself. He gently breaks it to Mr. Linda that, although Linda will live, they had to amputate both her legs. Here, for the first time, we see Linda's lower half; her stumps are tightly wrapped in white bandages. The father looks gutted by what he's seeing. If I remember correctly, the spoilers claimed he said something shocked and scared about how they'd basically cut her in half, but I guess that line got exorcised. Which is kind of a shame, because it actually sounds like kind of an honest reaction from someone in this situation who can't believe what he's seeing and wouldn't be emotionally capable of having completely appropriate things to say. The father watches as his wife's lifted onto a gurney to be wheeled into post-op.

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