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Outside the room, Chen asks Abby how she scored on her boards. Abby admits that she hasn't heard, and Chen marvels that it's a bit close to the wire now. Abby pauses and leans against a table. "Dr. Chen, is everything okay?" she asks. Chen deliberately ignores the implication and gives her an answer about Bill Macy. As she blithely walks away from Abby, we see Abby looking skeptical and concerned.

Pratt's on Chen duty next, flagging her down and immediately noticing her shiner. "What happened there?" he asks, sternly. She shrugs that it's nothing. "Doesn't look like nothing," he scolds. Chen offers up what sounds like a sincere attempt to allay his concerns, claiming that since her father's not sleeping, she isn't either, and she forgot to turn on a light and ran into a doorframe. Then she slips away before he can contest that ridiculous story. I can't believe she didn't come up with a better cover story than "I ran into a doorframe," since that phrase is pretty much on the poster for abuse. And her tone and facial expressions certainly don't indicate that she was hoping he'd read between the lines.

Neela interrupts Pratt's silent contemplation of The Shiner That Came Dangerously Close to Being Something I Couldn't Stomach Recapping. "How many times I gotta say goodbye to you?" Pratt barks. Neela explains that she was visiting Fry Cook before she left, and that she thinks Pratt ought to see him, too. "I get the impression he looks up to you," Neela suggests. "Figured he was smarter than that," Pratt snorts. Huh? Since when is Pratt not all about himself? Neela thinks Fry Cook could use a positive male figure, but because it involves actual effort and emotional investment without the promise of a blowjob, Pratt isn't interested. "I'm nobody's role model," he mutters. Damn skippy.

Ambulances arrive at the accident scene. The woman is still asking about her son, and the paramedics are preparing to carve up one of the bumpers to free her body. They ask Luka, who is kneeling in the back of her SUV so that he can comfort her torso, to get out of the way so that he doesn't get the business end of some man-hungry metal shards. He refuses to go anywhere, because he is A Hero, and Heroes don't earn that capital letter by doing what emergency rescue personnel tell them to do. The chainsaw fires up and cuts up the bumper, and the truck falls away. This is shot from behind the woman, through her SUV, so that all we see is the truck going backwards. This is actually remarkable restraint on the show's part, as I figured they'd use this as an excuse to show just how grisly her pureed legs must have looked. Maybe the makeup department was like, "Look, we want an Emmy too, but seriously, that's disgusting. No." Luka lies the woman down in the back of her SUV and barks at everyone to put direct pressure on anything that's bleeding. Which would mean pretty much anything below her thighs. "How are you doing, Linda?" he shouts. Ah! A name. She moans that they need to call her husband. "We need to get you to a hospital first," Luka insists. The paramedic tries again to kick Luka to the curb, since he's breaking all kinds of protocol, but Linda begs Luka not to leave, so he just insists firmly that he's going to ride in the ambulance with her, and presumably the medics relent, because that's what you do when Heroes get assertive.

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