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Pratt enters the children's ward. Fry Cook is tucked away in the back, a huge, smiling lump who looks simultaneously out of place in the room of kids and just boyishly cheerful enough to fit in perfectly. He's waiting for his mother to come pick him up and take him home. "So what have you learned from all this?" Pratt says sternly. "Five a day, exercise some, and find myself a job at vegetable stand or something," Fry Cook says with an innocent, sheepish smile. Pratt waves at him, tells him to take care of himself, and begins to leave. Fry Cook calls out, "You have an office somewhere?" He wants to come back to see Pratt, so Pratt explains that he isn't in private practice. Fry Cook doesn't immediately understand what this means, and asks if they can work out some kind of arrangement. Pratt insists that Fry Cook and his family will have to settle for the family clinic. "Tell 'em I sent you," Pratt smiles, bumping fists with Fry Cook and then skedaddling like he's been aching to do the entire time. Fry Cook looks sad. God, he looks like he just lost a sibling or something.

Carter and Sam treat a precocious young girl who was thrown from her horse, injuring her collarbone. She's freaking that she might miss her next big competition. Carter and Sam swap dumbfounded looks. "Wish I was that fearless when I was fifteen," Sam whispers as they walk away. "Is it fearless, or reckless?" Carter says, apparently trying to purge himself of his hackneyed paternal attitudes now that they won't come in handy for a while. "She's fearless. I was reckless," Sam laughs. When they reach the front desk, Sam turns and begins to offer Carter some awkward condolences, saying she hadn't wanted to irritate him by adding to the throng of platitudes, but didn't want to ignore it either. She's interrupted, though, by Frank's announcement that Alex didn't show up at school. Sam is immediately furious and picks up the phone to call home. No one answers. Presumably once her message plays, Sam announces who it is and begins yelling at Alex or Steve to pick up the phone -- as if she has an answering machine, when we already know she has voicemail. Naturally, then, no one picks up.

Carter murmurs to Abby, "She's got it rough with him." Abby wonders if he means "the kid or the ex," which really underscores how trite and formula this storyline is. "Both," Carter decides. Abby turns to him and asks outright how he and Kem are doing. He says nothing, twitching a little in what appears to be a way of saying, "Not as well as I'd hoped." Abby puts her hand on his shoulder and leaves it there for a few beats. "You'll get through this," she promises. Frank busts in on this moment to alert them to the impending arrival of Linda and her son Michael. He describes Linda as "cut in half," which makes me wonder if her legs even made the trip with her on the same gurney.

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