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Michael cries out for his mother as Abby and Carter try to restrain him. They give him some morphine. "Daddy," whines the kid. Carter's expression darkens, because of The Grief. Suddenly, Michael passes out and his blood pressure crashes. Carter wants to intubate and gets impatient when the others haven't anticipated his every move in enough time. We're treated to a wary look from Abby at his snappy tone. You know, this show absolutely LOVES doing this -- ending scenes with annoyed or skeptical looks from various people. It's like every character exists in a given scene to drive another one up the wall.

Pratt observes that the driver, Antwan, has a cut on his shoulder. "He must've hit the door frame when he was fleeing the scene," Chuny says. "You don't know that! You don't know nothin' about me, bitch!" screams Antwan. She knows you're a fuckwad, though, and that's about all there is to know. Pratt smacks Antwan down for backtalking just as Weaver enters to check the chart. Pratt says the kid tested positive for opiates, and Pratt thinks it's heroin. Antwan's impatient to leave, because he's demented and unrealistic. "Dawg, you caused an accident," Pratt sputters. "No," Weaver says calmly. "An accident is when bad things happen for no reason. [He was] high and ran into people." She swans out of the room, cruising on the quality of that retort, which is relatively high when you consider most of the drivel they've had her spew all season.

Kerry sails right into Trauma Green and gets the bullet on Michael: blunt chest trauma, hypoxia, collapsed lung. Carter freaks that there's compressed air in his chest that's causing his sats to plunge. Weaver prepares to assist, but Frank interrupts her, because that's what his function in is: to burst in and make announcements. He's like some sort of plot fairy -- and the use of that term to describe him, incidentally, would probably give him a second coronary. Anyway, Frank tells Kerry that if she stays, she'll be late to court. "I don't need any help with a chest tube," Carter barks at her. Weaver thinks for a second, and then heads on into Trauma Yellow and asks Chen to assist Carter. "Why, is he in trouble?" Chen asks, surprised and still trying to attend to the legless patient who's currently bleeding rivers in front of her. "I'm afraid he's too emotionally vulnerable," Weaver says. "Are you saying he can't..." Chen begins. "DO IT," Weaver booms. Chen pauses, and then goes quietly, because that's really all you can do when Weaver gets a notion into her head.

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