Fear Of Commitment

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Fear Of Commitment

Courtroom. Sally's on the stand. She's laying it on with a trowel, telling Marty, "It makes me sick. I never felt like myself. I told the doctors that, and they never really listened to me -- they just keep giving me more pills." In the gallery, Lisa's sitting directly behind the State's Attorney, and directly in front of Luka, who's leaning forward close enough that his head and Lisa's are almost touching. Both look tense and skeptical. Marty asks how Sally feels now, and she tells him, "Better." "So you're no longer depressed," Marty surmises. "No," Sally lies. Marty asks, "Did you try to kill yourself during your last depressive episode?" Lisa and Luka study her. Sally slowly replies, "I took an overdose of sleeping pills, yes. But I never meant to kill myself." Lisa turns her head slightly and whispers to Luka, "She's lying." He places a comforting hand on her shoulder and gently shushes her. Marty asks why she took so many pills. Sally, pants aflame: "Who in their right mind wants to drive from Oklahoma to Chicago, really? I get carsick!" Okay, but the thing is, you're not in your right mind, and you can't drive, so the answer to that ostensibly rhetorical question is YOU. Lisa silently holds out her hand in this sort of "am I the only one who sees through this shit?" gesture, and glances back at Luka, who blinks back, like, "Dude, I know. But shuttie." Sally fans the flames of her pants so much that now her shirt is also on fire: "I just thought if I could sleep, I'd be all right. I took some pills." Lisa hisses, "She took nine hundred milligrams," and Luka's like, "I was there. Quiet." Sally really had better stop, drop, and roll: "I didn't know they didn't work right away. I foolishly then took some more pills." Lisa leans forward and tells the State's Attorney, "She took nine hundred milligrams -- that's thirty-six pills." The State's Attorney's like, "Could you just--? Thanks." Marty looks at Lisa like, "Dude, she's the crazy one. Pipe down," and looks back at Sally, who stammers, "I know it was stupid. I just thought if I could sleep...and the next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital, but I never meant to hurt myself or anyone else. Abby? I'm so sorry, I never meant to put her through that." Lisa stares back, her face a mask of counterfeit complacency, until she leans forward to the State's Attorney again and hisses, "Ask her where she got the pills. She stole the pills." The judge asks the State's Attorney (calling him "Mr. Rifkin") to stick a sock in Lisa. Rifkin (formerly State's Attorney) nods sheepishly. Lisa leans back, crossing her arms and frowning. Marty asks Sally, "If your daughter's not prepared to take you in, are you able to take care of yourself?" Sally proudly says, "I always have. I've always worked. Always." Marty asks, "Do you have any money?" Sally says she has a few credit cards. "They're all cancelled," Lisa tells Luka, pretty loudly. "I mean it, Miss Lockhart," the judge scolds. The judge? Totally biased. And she doesn't move her mouth when she speaks, so she sounds like Droopy Dog.

County. The detritus from Noni's D&C -- a whole mess of bloody tissues and paper and such -- is all over the floor as the trauma team wheels out her bed. Carter comes back in, followed by Granola, who seems a bit put off by all the bloody trash as he asks what happened. Carter tells him Noni's going up to the OR. Granola asks whether they had to give her a blood transfusion, and Carter says she had to have plasma, because her blood wasn't clotting properly. Granola demands, "Why isn't her blood clotting?" Carter guesses, "It could be a sign of liver disease. Liver affects the clotting factors." Granola paces guiltily as Carter asks, "She ever have hepatitis?...She drink alcohol every day?" Granola says no to both. Carter asks, "Tylenol? Any other medications?" Granola slowly volunteers, "Maybe some...herbal stuff." Carter's all blasé, "What kind of herbal stuff?" Granola says, "Root extracts. They're supposed to induce miscarriages." Carter, not at all shocked, says, "Oh, I thought she wanted this baby." Granola offers, "She didn't know?" Carter finally starts paying attention: "How could she not know?" "I gave them to her?" Granola confesses. Now Carter's shocked. Granola goes on, "I put them in her tea for the last few days? She didn't even ask me if I wanted the baby!" "So you poisoned her?!" Carter asks. Granola whines, "I wasn't ready! I thought she'd just --" "What? Bleed to death?" Carter snaps. Granola insists that he didn't mean to make her sick. The closed captions say it best: Carter: "[disgusted sigh] No, man. You just meant to kill her baby." Normally I hate it when Carter's all sanctimonious, but it's hard to be on Granola's side in this case.

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