Fear Of Commitment

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Fear Of Commitment

Carter's just broken the bad news to Noni, who's crying. She asks whether she's going to be able to have children in the future. Carter says she will, and adds that what Granola did was "really wrong": "You need to consider whether or not you want to file criminal charges." Noni calls Granola "Victor" and says that he loves her, but that he just got scared. Carter says that doesn't excuse what Victor (formerly Granola) did. Blah excited to be pregnant blah blah blah pathoscakes.

Courtroom. Sally's back on the stand, this time being examined by Rifkin, who asks her whether she's used to reading the directions on over-the-counter medications. Sally supposes so. He hands her a packet and asks her to read the directions on it. Sally demurs on the grounds that she doesn't have her reading glasses. He asks her to allow him, and reads, "'One tablet at bedtime. May repeat in four hours if necessary. Do not exceed four tablets in a twenty-four-hour period.' You took thirty-six tablets, did you not?" Sally, all southern Belle all of a sudden, flirtatiously claims that she didn't have her reading glasses with her then, either. Rifkin says, "You took thirty-six pills, but you didn't intend to kill yourself?" Sally hesitates, and then replies, "I was depressed, but I didn't want to kill myself, really." Rifkin asks where she got the pills, and she says she got them at a convenience store. He asks how she paid for them, and she admits, "I didn't." "You stole them?" Rifkin asks. Marty objects, saying that shoplifting has nothing to do with suicidality. Rifkin says it "goes to intent," and Judge Droopy Dog droops, "I'm biased against you already, so don't piss me off more: get to it quickly." Rifkin asks why Sally needed to steal them: "Why didn't you ask your daughter to pay for them?" Sally says, "She wouldn't have." Rifkin asks why not, and Sally says, "She was worried." Lisa, in the gallery, is like, "No shit." Rifkin asks, "Worried that you'd try to kill yourself?" Sally says that Lisa worries when Sally gets depressed. Rifkin adds, "Because during other depressions, you have attempted suicide. In fact, you've been committed on two other occasions for attempted suicide, haven't you? In '83 and 1974." Sally confirms the report. Rifkin asks what method she used for those attempts, and Sally -- her face an open book, suddenly -- answers directly: "Carbon monoxide poisoning." Rifkin says, "In '83. What about in '74?" Sally admits, "I took some pills." Lisa exhales.

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