Fear Of Commitment

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Fear Of Commitment

County. Dr. Dave is asking an older Asian lady, using many hand gestures, "Did you coin Lynda because she's sick?" She answers in what is apparently Cantonese, and Dr. Dave frustratedly tries to tell her he doesn't understand, before screaming for a translator, or Chen.

The camera pans into the next room, where Benton, carrying Reese, tells Mr. Ferris that he had a small heart attack. Both the Toms are at Mr. Ferris's bedside, and Bosley seems just a little too pleased that he called it. Mr. Ferris says he's lucky Benton showed up at the residence when he did. Benton tells him what they'll do if the symptoms recur (angioplasty, blah), Bosley makes a reference to the gas/condom incident, Benton takes the ribbing in good spirits, and books. As he's leaving, he runs into Finch, who excitedly signs, "Hi, Reese! What are you doing here?" Benton tells her about Carla, and she asks him to look at a belly. They take off.

Pan to Poston, who intervenes between Dr. Dave and Mrs. Lynda. Poston speaks Cantonese; he was a translator in the Army. Dr. Dave asks Poston to ask Mrs. Lynda what she used to treat Lynda. At this point, Finch rolls up to give Dr. Dave Lynda's test results. None of their suspicions have panned out, so Dr. Dave concludes that she has "one hell of a case of gastroenteritis." Finch says that Benton's clearing Lynda's belly now. Dr. Dave returns to Poston and Mrs. Lynda, who says she used hot coins and liniment. Dr. Dave knew that much, and asks Poston whether Mrs. Lynda said why. Poston seriously relays that Lynda's possessed. Dr. Dave asks whether he means that Lynda's been overtaken by "demonic spirits," but Poston says it's more like "evil thoughts -- sinful behaviour. You know, S-E-X." Dr. Dave's down.

Princess Taffeta is back in her street clothes and trying to leave, but Weaver chases after her and insists that she must be admitted. Princess Taffeta resists Weaver's ministrations. She digs through her basket of stuff and complains again that she doesn't like hospitals. Weaver asks whether she'll at least speak with a psychiatrist (heh, nice try trumping up a case to get Mitchell back down in the ER...or just plain down, if you know what I'm saying, and I think you do). Princess Taffeta replies by producing a hand puppet, which she gives to Weaver: it's Mr. Whiskers. Weaver says she can't accept it, but Princess Taffeta insists: "Look, honey, I'm going to be dead in a few months. You said so yourself. Make me feel better knowing he's with someone who'll appreciate him. Stupid puppet ended my acting career. But it did buy my first house." That's one generous puppet. Weaver thanks her. Princess Taffeta spouts the catchphrase as she trundles off.

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