Fear Of Commitment

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Fear Of Commitment

Courtroom. Marty starts to read from a statement from one of Sally's former employers, but Judge Droopy shuts him down, drooping, "We've spent more than enough time on this one already. Mrs. Wyczenski is released on her own recognizance." She bangs her gavel with as much interest as she's shown throughout the case -- which is to say none. Sally doesn't seem to know quite what that means. The bailiff goes to call the next case. As Marty confers with Sally, Judge Droopy asks him whether he's representing the defendant in the next case as well; Marty tries to multi-task between both clients as he tells the judge he is. Lisa, looking as though she may cry, demands, "Wait a minute. Wait. That's it?" Rifkin's like, "Sorry." As we all knew she eventually would, Lisa starts to lose it: "She's letting her go?...She needs hospitalization!" Judge Droopy snaps, "I'm not debating it with you, Miss." Lisa leans over Rifkin's table, and he tells her, "We did all we can. We have to move on." Beside her, Marty is telling Sally to go back to the hospital and sign herself out. Lisa, standing directly in the middle of the courtroom, freaks out, much as Gallery Guy had done before: "Ohhhhhhkay. That's good, move on. All of you should just move on. We wouldn't want to waste one more minute on this. I've only been dealing with her for thirty years." She slams through the little gate between the gallery and the prosecution and defense tables. Without glancing up, Judge Droopy droops for the bailiff. Lisa continues her monologue: "You didn't have to drive her to the hospital, or pour charcoal down her throat, or breathe for her." She directs the last of this at Sally. The bailiff tries to steer the crazy lady out of there, but Lisa snaps that she's getting her coat. Luka advises the bailiff not to touch Lisa -- that is, if he wants to go home to his wife tonight with his entire skull intact. Lisa dons her coat, concluding, "She's not your mother, right? What do you care? The rest of us'll just take care of her. And maybe -- maybe, if you're really lucky next time, you won't have to hear the case at all, because maybe next time, [to Sally] you'll do it right, and then it'll be the coroner's problem." Luka helps Lisa out the courtroom door. Sally looks hurt. Yeah, Sally. All of that was so out of line. She's denying you your First Amendment right to free expression by turning your body into worm food.

County. Finch helps Reese to drink from the water fountain. Lynda's belly's fine. They've checked for everything. Benton's still babying his wrist, so she suggests that he get an x-ray; he insists he's fine. Finch asks what Benton's doing with Reese, and he says he left a message on Jackie's machine, hoping she could pick him up on her way home from work. Finch asks why he doesn't take Reese home with him: "You can't do anything with that hand." Benton tries to come up with a reason to refuse other than "Carla told me not to," and manages to say that he wants to stay until Mr. Ferris gets a room. Finch, playing pattycake, says she'll take Reese home with her. Benton tells her he doesn't want her to have to do that, but she says it's no problem. And in the only moment I've ever not hated Michael Michele in this role, Finch gets Reese's attention and signs, "We'll have fun, right?" She gives Reese a huge thumbs-up, which he enthusiastically returns, and she beams at him. I can't really do it justice. It was very cute, though. Benton's won over by this display, and he thanks her. She faux-sadly tells him he'll have to let her take an x-ray of his wrist in exchange for the favour. Blah blackmail blah non-sexual non-tension blah blingety blah.

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