Fear Of Commitment

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Fear Of Commitment

Lisa washes her face in the tub. Outside, Luka asks if she's okay. She says nothing. He asks if she wants some dinner. She says nothing. He tells her she needs to eat. She sinks underwater.

When she emerges, Lisa sees that the table's set all fancy. Luka ambles toward her, looking all cute and proud of himself and tall. Glancing around, Lisa asks, "Have you been watching Martha Stewart again?" He murmurs a yes. They wrap their arms around each other, and she says, "Thank you." Resting his cheek on her head, he asks, "For what?" "For being there," she says. "And here. For everything." He squeezes her. Yeah. Their relationship's totally fucked up. Clearly they're just in it for sex. Fucking not, already. Can we please stop this "debate" on the boards? Please? Because whether or not the actors are selling it (and I happen to think that they are), the writers clearly want us to see that they do actually really like and care about each other. Would he have shown up in court if she were just his booty call? (Does anyone still say that anymore? Am I hopelessly dating myself? God, is it really 5:38 AM? What is wrong with me?) Anyway. Love is what I saw, there. There's a knock at the door, and Lisa asks, "Is the food here?" Luka asks, "What food? I'm making dinner by myself." Handsome, sexy, supportive, thoughtful, sensitive, a doctor, and he cooks? Stick a fork in Sars, 'cause she's done. Lisa makes for the door, chuckling, and he fake-whines, "Why are you laughing?" She calls back, "I just hope you didn't order from that Thai place again." She pulls open the door just as the soundtrack (sounds like Lucinda Williams) bludgeons me, "I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiill taaaaaaaaaaaaaake caaaaaaaaaaaaare of you!" Because, duh, it's Sally at the door. Lisa looks like she'd rather have some chicken satay. Oh, and her youth back.

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