Fear Of Commitment

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Fear Of Commitment

Benton leaves Blind, Stupid Biker's Trauma room, telling Dr. Dave he'll meet him with Blind, Stupid Biker at the elevator, and heads into Mr. Ferris's room to ask how he's doing. Luka says that Mr. Ferris's chest pain has subsided. Mr. Ferris is slack of mouth and looks like he's been well taken care of from a pharmaceutical standpoint. Benton asks Luka when he'll be admitting Mr. Ferris, and Luka says he's "fifth in line for tele admit." What? I don't know. As Luka shows Benton a sheet of paper -- test results, I assume -- Benton asks how long that will take. Luka replies, "Sometimes we rule out MI and send them home from here." Benton tells Luka that Mr. Ferris spent two days in the ER last time. Luka shrugs, as if to say, "He's not my problem until he's ready to die in, like, minutes. You handle it." Benton takes the few steps back to Mr. Ferris's bedside and in a loud, hearty voice, assures him, "It's okay, Mr. Ferris! I'll sort this out and get you a bed as soon as I'm done in the OR." Mr. Ferris moistly thanks him.

Luka and Lisa walk toward the ambulance bay. Lisa's out of her scrubs and dressed in street clothes; she looks quite dapper, actually, in a grey, long-sleeved, jersey-looking t-shirt, black pants, and a sharp black coat. Lisa's hissing, "She sat there and let me apologize to her and she knew she was going to court today!" Luka offers, "Maybe she didn't want to get you involved." "Maybe she didn't want me to testify against her," Lisa counters. "Are you?" Luka asks, sounding slightly alarmed. Lisa's not sure: "I have to find this State's Attorney, whoever that is."

Outside, Lisa strides purposefully with Luka close on her heels, offering to go with her. She decisively says, "No." He insists that he can get somebody to cover for him for a few hours, and she tells him she can't wait. "You shouldn't have to do this by yourself," Luka tells her. "I shouldn't have to do this at all," Lisa irritably replies. Luka hesitates a second and then asks, "You'd rather Carter go with you?" Lisa stops and squints, "What's that supposed to mean?" Luka plays off his jealousy and shrugs, "He helped you deal with her before." Yeah. That's totally where you were going. Not. Really, you're thinking, "He helped you out of your pants in Missouri before." Lisa doesn't have time to bicker, and takes off, telling him she'll call him later. Goran Visnjic looks very funny rolling his eyes. It just doesn't suit him.

At the desk, Dr. Dave notices a large, lavish gift basket and asks Cleo "New Server Soon" Finch whether it's for Mark and Elizabeth (both doing my already frazzled nerves a big damn favour by not appearing in this episode). Finch confirms that it is and adds, "You still owe fifty dollars." Fifty dollars is his share? After Mark wouldn't let him hold the baby? I don't think so. Dr. Dave, you are totally justified in not chipping in on that. Frankly, I don't know why everyone else spent that much money on Mark's and Elizabeth's spawn; I just can't believe they're actually that well-liked anymore. Finch exposits that the gift is a video baby monitor, and that all the nurses pitched in $20, and all the doctors $50. Dr. Dave snorts, "I have to pay the same as Benton and Weaver?" "You're a doctor, aren't you?" Finch asks. "That's debatable," mutters Randi. Heh. Dr. Dave picks up a chart and asks Finch to take "a lady in Exam Two." She refuses on the grounds that she's already juggling seven patients. He offers to trade her one, and she doesn't even deign to reply. As she leaves, he asks under his breath, "Then can you lend me fifty bucks?" Heh. He crosses the floor, where Haleh pulls back a curtain and emerges with Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen. Dr. Dave tells Chen that he has a patient who says she hasn't had a bowel movement in over a week, and that she needs a rectal. Chen's like, duh, so do it. Dr. Dave says that the patient "threatened to mace" him. Chen snickers that Dr. Dave should be used to that. Dr. Dave begs, "I'm serious, you have to take this one." Chen flatly tells him to forget it. Dr. Dave duhs, "What's the problem here?" Chen calmly says, "I don't know. Maybe it's your BS." Dr. Dave replies, "Or maybe it's PMS." Oh, dude. No. Just don't say that. Even if it's true -- don't say it. Because it'll be really hard for you to practise medicine without a head. Or arms. Chen snaps, "Excuse me?" Dr. Dave, perhaps realizing what he just said, stammers, "Look, I'm just saying --" Chen spits, "You're just saying that it's okay for you to dump a patient on me, and it's okay for you to refuse any handoffs, but the minute I do, it's because I'm a bitch -- or it's because it's that time of the month!" Dave is frantically muttering his retractions throughout her speech, but she's having none of it: "Well, you know what? Screw you, Dave! I'm tired of your crap!" YEAH! But seriously, is she on the rag or what? Kidding! Dr. Dave runs away and cries.

OR. Benton's operating on Blind, Stupid Biker when Robert "Rocket" Romano comes in and demands to know what's taking Benton so long. Benton jargons some stuff that isn't really important. Romano asks, "Are you suturing with your left hand?" Benton says he is, and claims, "I'm ambidextrous." Romano snaps, "The hell you are. I've seen third-year medical students sew faster. Let me see you use your right hand." Benton does something we can't see. As Romano gowns himself, he sniffs, "Uh huh. What happened?" Benton reluctantly admits, "I may have bruised my wrist." Romano asks how, and Benton says he fell to an outstretched hand. Romano pronounces that the "perfect mechanism for a fracture" and orders Benton to "get [his] hands out of the field." Benton's all, "What?" Romano tells Benton to hold out his hands with his fingers spread. Benton crankily complies. Romano feels along Benton's right forearm; Benton involuntarily winces when Romano gets to his hand. Romano gleefully detects "point tenderness in the snuffbox" -- which I would guess is the meaty part of the palm, just below the thumb -- and diagnoses a "scaphoid fracture." Romano tells him to scrub out. Benton whines that he's "almost done." Romano corrects him: "No, Peter, you are done. If this poor devil had some acceptable complication and his lawyers discovered his surgeon was operating with his wrong hand, we both might as well bend over." Benton takes off, pouting. Romano calls after him that it's a good thing Benton isn't a racehorse, since if he were he'd have to be shot. Ha. [cough] What is it with this hospital that every single person on staff is such an insane workaholic? Elizabeth wouldn't take time off when she was sick. Mark wouldn't take time off when he was sick. Last year Carter ended up getting hooked on painkillers so that he could continue to work when he was sick. Take a day off, Benton, god! Your job will still be here when your wrist is no longer fucking killing you! Maybe that's why I'm liking Dr. Dave more and more these days; he seems like the only one who acts the way most people do in the workplace -- annoying, obnoxious, lazy, but generally competent and tolerable. As soon as Benton's emerged from the OR, a nurse runs up to him and tells him, "Your wife's here." Benton tells her he isn't married, and she says, "I'm sorry -- Carla." Benton asks where she is; the nurse says that Carla's on the third floor, and that her breasts are on the fourth and fifth floors.

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