Fear Of Commitment

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Fear Of Commitment

Carter, Lily, and several others wheel Noni (formerly Jennifer) into a trauma room. She's still out cold. Carter reads a machine and reports, "No fetal pole, no heartbeat. Just blood and POCs [products of conception, such as the placenta or other disembodied tissues]." Lily exposits, "That's an incomplete miscarriage." Carter knows, and tells Lily to call OB and tell them Noni needs a D&C (dilation and curettage -- basically, a procedure to remove all of the fetal tissue from the uterus). At this point, Chuny leads in a moderately granola-looking guy and says that he's Noni's boyfriend. Granola whines, "What happened?" Carter catches him up on the story so far, and tells her that she needs the D&C to stop the bleeding. Granola asks whether she's going to be okay; Carter dodges the question by saying that she needs a blood transfusion and that he'll talk to Granola once she's stabilized. Granola's all, "Oh, maaaaaaaaaan," and mopes out of the room. Everyone else resumes working on Noni.

In another exam room, Kangaroo asks Weaver whether it's true that human bites are worse than dog bites. Weaver factoids, "Yeah, because of the virulence of the bacteria. If germs infect the joint, it can cause scarring, which can limit your range of motion. You don't want to lose your opposable thumb." Heh. Giving the costume the once-over, Weaver asks whether Kangaroo and O. Possum are "rival mascots, or something." Kangaroo explains, "No, we were at the Furturama show. It's a convention for Furries." I guess Weaver doesn't read Vanity Fair, because she has no clue what he's talking about. Yosh, peering over his glasses, explains, "People who like to dress in animal costumes." Kangaroo says, "He started it! I think he'd been drinking. One minute he was scritching me. The next minute --" "'Scritching'?" Weaver repeats. Kangaroo explains, "Scratching, mock grooming. Sort of our version of a handshake. Next thing you know, he's got his hand in my pouch, so I decked him! I'm not into the weird stuff!" Weaver doesn't answer, but shoots the kangaroo head a look like, "Yeah, you've got it all figured out." The editor makes a grave, grave error here by not cutting to Yosh's "girl, please" look. Because I don't see it, but I know he's doing it. Plus I wonder whether O. Possum will prove to be into the weird stuff? Because if you have a Furry on the gurney in the first act, he'd better get off in the third.

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