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Up in Weaver's office, Elizabeth explains that she got caught up in a trauma. "Good news," Weaver says in the perky tone that always means she's about to deliver a painful blow. "Although certain members lobbied for your dismissal, I crafted a proposal that I think will benefit us all," she says brightly. I love how she handles this -- she lets Elizabeth know that many people wanted her gone, but that Weaver selflessly leapt under the falling axe and kicked the executioner in the groin. Right. I'm so sure. Stone-faced, Elizabeth listens as Weaver proposes that in exchange for not getting her license pulled, Elizabeth will be offered a non-tenure track position as a clinical instructor. Elizabeth picks at her hair. "So after seven years of service, I lose tenure over one patient," she says slowly. Well, you did break the law. They don't bend it just because you've worked there long enough to ride out a streak of bad luck from breaking a mirror. And let's not forget the whole Angel of Death debacle, which went on so long and then died so quickly that it's not even easy to figure out which Season 8 recap to link to here. Weaver is surprised that Elizabeth expected anything other than a sideways move or a demotion. "I thought that I might be appreciated for saving a life. That friends might have fought for me," Elizabeth sniffs, looking down her nose at Weaver because her high horse hasn't ridden in yet so she has to simulate the effect. Weaver insists that she did fight; Elizabeth threatens to go public with the fact that County was willing to let a man die because a bill was signed on a Tuesday rather than a Monday. "We did something extraordinary," Elizabeth says, incensed now. Oh, so now she gives Dubenko's opinion some credit? Convenient. "You're right. We did," Weaver says. "But that's not our purpose." Elizabeth is incredulous as Weaver argues that simply serving the community adequately is their only mandate; Elizabeth sets her jaw in a disbelieving tizzy. Then, suddenly, she grins. And it's obvious now that Alex Kingston only has one scene left to play.

Abby finds Howard in the lounge, cleaning out his locker. He's furious with Abby for stopping him in his hyper-organized tracks. He storms out as she gives chase. "You need help," she insists. Howard rants that they didn't check for a transfusion reaction. Abby: "Nobody did anything wrong, Howard. We didn't kill her. Her father did. And you're not going to get any better unless..." Howard whirls around in triage and screams that he was just being thorough: "Why is that such a problem for you people?" Because it gets in the way of their talking about their personal lives at work, Howard. Come on. Think. Howard flees angrily as Susan creeps up behind Abby. "He has OCD," Abby spits, as though the condition is psychological poison. Again, very sensitive handling of this issue, guys. Really. "Please don't tell me I just lost a doctor," Susan gulps. We fade to black relieved Howard And The Sudden-Onset OCD is finally a distant memory.

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