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Manic Mom has Saige cuddled up on her lap. She's totally calm; a different person. Wendall and Carter -- because he can never resist a chance to whisper urgently at people -- prompt her to remember what happened in her apartment, and we see through a series of flashbacks that indeed there was nobody at the door. Saige was confused the whole time as Manic Mom carried the daughters to the window and coerced them into jumping out of it. We see the reality wash over Manic Mom's face, and she knows she threw her children to their death over something that wasn't even happening. Disturbingly, we see the little girls leap out the window. Carter's face is silently disapproving, and Wendall looks completely stoned. Maybe she borrowed a little of the valium. At the tail end of the tragic sequence, Chuny pokes her head in and tells Carter that Elizabeth asked her to pass on the message that she got her answer.

At the Jumbo Mart, Neela argues with a customer. She's frustrated and cracks to Abby that at least she learned how to clean the hot dog machine, which will be useful to her for the rest of her life. Susan sails in and orders up one large coffee and a first-year resident. "Neela's going through some sort of delayed adolescent rebellion-slash-premature midlife crisis thing," Abby says, biting back a mischievous smile as she reaches for a stone to throw through the only glass wall that's still unbroken in her house. Neela glares at her petulantly. Susan promises that she's scraped the bottom of every barrel, even the ones in -- gasp -- Milwaukee. "I'm desperate for anyone even remotely competent and/or sane," she pleads. Neela purses her lips and shrugs that she's got a job now, so she's really not sure, and anyway, hasn't this storyline been a little rushed? A guy yells at Neela about the spice level of his jalapeños, and shouts that he's tired of her boring confusion and misery, so if we could please pretend all this never happened it would be great. Neela clearly realizes that nothing is worth having to tend to a man's peppers. As Susan's leaving, Neela yells after her, "When do you need me to start?"

Carter meets Elizabeth by the waterfront. "Did you talk to Weaver?" he asks eagerly. Elizabeth shares sadly that the answer was, there's a place for her at County, but only a small one. Carter is genuinely shocked, which...okay, I'm not sure where he gets off, but he's probably just trying to make himself feel less like an ass. He apologizes. Elizabeth is fine with it, though, because it prompted her to quit. "Mark's gone, so many of my friends are gone. There's no reason to stay," she says simply. "Not for me, not for Ella. I suppose I've known that for a long time now, but it's's hard to move on, isn't it? It's hard to close that chapter." Carter -- and Noah Wyle -- both nod with sadness and desperate comprehension. It's like Alex Kingston and the writers are using the lines to urge Noah Wyle to get out while he's still whole, and retaining less water. Elizabeth says she's going to take Ella to England for a while, and asks him to apologize to everyone for the fact that she isn't saying goodbye. "I'm not much for goodbyes," she smiles, eyes moist. "They make me cry, truth be told." Carter nods emotionally and offers to pass along a message to the others. "Tell them..." she begins, then turns to face the camera. "...It's been lovely," she finishes, walking out of the shot. The camera stays on her as she walks up the stairs and out of our lives, and watching her go after an atrocious exit story and a rough few years, this moment would be touching if she weren't wearing freaking horseshoes. Clomp, clomp, clomp, up the stairs she goes. It's hard to feel anything when she sounds like a stable. But I am sad that she's going. Her character went pretty mental for a while there, and then got swept under the rug, but it was never because Alex Kingston was deficient. I hope she goes on to do excellent things.

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