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At the Jumbo Mart, Neela watches a man sneeze on his newspaper instead of paying for it. She doesn't look like she appreciates that damning indictment of modern journalism oozing all over her store's wares. Howard is at the register counting out all his change in order to hit $1.19. Abby shows up and pays for herself and Howard, because he's so OCD that he's not allowed to do math. He shoots her an evil glare. "He has a touch of OCD," Abby broadcasts to Neela after he leaves. It's irritating that she's made herself such a megaphone of dysfunction, because there are only so many different ways to spin the whole "pot/kettle" cliché. Neela snorts that she didn't know it was possible to have a gentle case of OCD. Then she asks if it's busy at County. "I wouldn't know," Abby says. "I thought you got out of your mandatory ride-along," Neela says in that clumsy, over-specific way that's reserved for expository dialogue. It's like how on Passions Fox Crane told Ethan, "Hey, half-brother, I really like your real father, Police Chief Sam Bennett." Very subtle. Apparently Abby tried to get out of her ride-along with the EMTs by telling them that riding in windowless vehicles makes her sick, but they didn't fall for it, possibly because the ambulances they use at County do in fact have windows on the back doors. Nice one, Abby. "How's it going here?" she asks. "Great. I get ten percent off all my purchases," Neela says with fake gratefulness. Which she should really cram, as she certainly owes Abby some groceries, and hey, ten percent is ten percent. Abby is called away by the paramedics.

Carter chases Weaver around so he can try to stick up for Elizabeth, or at least remove the stick up Kerry's bum. "I talked her into doing it," he argues. "Your hand never touched a scalpel," Weaver replies. Which is exactly why Carter is being so forthcoming about his role in all this. He knows the law can't touch him. So courageous, this one. Weaver sighs that she only wants to determine Elizabeth's understanding of the law -- "Which is about to change," Carter interrupts -- concerning transplants and HIV patients. I have a hard time imagining that it matters either way; if Elizabeth knew, she is screwed, but if she didn't know, she was being ignorant and negligent, so the hospital isn't likely to smile upon that either. Carter just wants the chance to speak on Elizabeth's behalf, apparently figuring that the oratory prowess that convinced her to do it might now get her out of hot water. Damn him and his silver tongue. "Attendance is limited to department heads, and last time I checked, you weren't one," Weaver sasses. She's so bitchy, but in this moment, hooray.

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