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Sam, Luka, and Ray work on Tamira, the girl in Trauma Green. Sam is having a hard time doing...something, because of the girl's small veins. "Need some help?" Ray asks. "I've done it before," Sam replies. "Yeah? I bet you're pretty good at it, too," Ray says huskily. Whaaaa? First of all, how did he turn that into a dirty joke? I consider myself something of an expert in that regard, and I'm stymied. Yet even so, why on earth did Ray figure that over the dying body of a little girl was the optimal place to deliver the dirty joke? Freak. I guess that's what happens when you can't actually act like a doctor: you get stupid lines with low syllable counts. Elizabeth enters on a surgical consult, so Luka shares that the girl has a chest contusion and fractured ribs. Sam struggles to do her job, and it took me a while to remember that working on children gives her trouble. "Do we need another nurse?" Elizabeth asks. Luka shakes his head and then makes his way up to Tamira so that he can chat to her about the Wiggles. It makes her comfortable enough that somehow it aids Sam in getting things done, and frankly, Luka saying the word "Wiggles" is just really cute. And apparently it has a good effect on the bowels of young girls, because Elizabeth pronounces that they are making excellent sounds. Whatever that, entails. She's impressed that Luka knows about the Wiggles. "I try to keep up. Gives you something to talk to them about," Luka says nonchalantly. Sam looks at him like she'd nail him right now if there wasn't a broken child lying on the nearest bed-like object. Ray is less impressed. "You're kidding me, right?" he gapes, unable to believe that people do thinks to prepare for work that don’t involve shopping for hair gel or picking your t-shirt up off the floor, spraying the pits with Glade, and donning it. "I hate the bloody Wiggles," Elizabeth says cheerfully.

Elizabeth enters Trauma Yellow and finds Carter working with Kali, who has a bad pelvic fracture. They decide to use sheet traction to hold things in place while they wait for ortho. "How did it go upstairs?" Carter asks. "Not sure. I'll know in a couple of hours. Thanks for asking," she says, figuring that will change the subject before Carter can make this any more public, or worse, lay down a jinx. But that of course does not work: Carter confidently tells her that she'll just get a slap on the wrist. Elizabeth shoots him an "end of subject" glare that shows she knows full well he's baking a chocolate cake for Fate with crack in the icing. Suddenly, Kali murmers, "Angel?" Carter is surprised. "Uh, Abby, I think she's talking to you," he says. Abby goes over to reassure Kali that she's still there, and Kali smiles.

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