Finders Keepers

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Finders Keepers

Susan ditches Abby and gingerly approaches her husband. "Hey stranger," Susan cracks. He beams at her. Carter and Gallant walk past, and we pick up their conversation; Gallant bitches about Romano while Carter rubbernecks at Susan and Chuck. Perhaps he's going to offer them Gamma's ring. But he does snap back to attention long enough to tell Gallant that he completely agrees Romano is being idiotic and inconsiderate. "He's the one who needs to be educated about this," Carter says. "And he wants to hear that from a medical student," Gallant retorts sarcastically. Carter actually acts bored by this and tells Gallant to try talking to Romano anyway. Which is sort of mean, considering that Carter himself tried talking to Romano and failed. Don't throw Gallant into the lion's den. He's way too tasty.

Gallant leaves so that Abby can take his place in the scene and give us another nugget of couplehood ambiguity. "Got a lot of people scared," she says. "Not you," Carter pretends to be shocked. "Still need to pay my rent," she points out. Carter claims Romano's bark is the worst part, to which Abby replies that it's easy for Carter to be cool -- he can afford to walk away. Carter ignores this dig at his personal wealth. "So Susan got married, huh?" he offers. "Can't call her indecisive," Abby says pointedly with a sidelong glance at Carter. "Can call her crazy," he counters with the same attitude. I smell issues. And they reek.

Abby and Carter pass the junkie, who is still wailing. His girlfriend screams at them for not helping him. It's called cold turkey, honey. It's not just a November leftover.

Susan and Chuck are outside drinking coffee. They've each spoken to attorneys about getting an annulment and found out it should be easy; Susan was a little worried, because they consummated the marriage, but Chuck assures her that riding his chopper didn't ruin anything except some cheap hotel sheets. They giggle about how much sex they had. "The cabana?" he prompts her. "Right, right," she blushes. She asks if he told anyone. "Like who, my mom?" he snickers. "She'd kick my ass if she knew I deprived her of a wedding." Susan agrees. They basically concur that it was hard to explain to people, and that it was no one's business, so they both kept mum. Until, of course, Chuckles showed up and introduced himself as Susan's spouse. Smooth move there, Sandpaper. "You kinda had to have been there," Chuck grins. "It made sense at the time," she beams back. Aw. He reluctantly notes that she probably has to get back to work. It sounds like she sighs, "Yeah," but the captioners claim she said "Nah," and I guess it doesn't matter which it was; either way, Chuck next encourages Susan to play hooky.

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