Finders Keepers

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Finders Keepers

Cut to the elevator. Luka stands on one side of the empty gurney, with Carter and Abby on the other, separated by at least half the length of the gurney and an enormous gulf of silence. The elevator music sounds like a love ballad gone horribly, horribly wrong, which is a pretty apt soundtrack for all three of the people in this scene. "Should be interesting," Luka blurts. The other two stare blankly at him. "Romano in charge," he clarifies. Carter responds by eloquently blowing into a latex glove. Abby seems to feel like this speaks for both of them. "Seen any movies lately?" Luka asks. "No," Carter says shortly. Silence. "Tried that sushi place on Navy Pier yet?" he asks. "No," Abby says. "It's good," Luka offers. Abby looks up at him for a second, then boredly plays with a strap on the gurney. Carter leans against the elevator wall and fixates on the ceiling. "Long time now," Luka says. "That you've been together. A year?" Abby exhales. "Almost," Carter says uncomfortably. "That's nice," Luka tries one last time before giving up. Abby rolls her eyes at him mildly before resuming her eyes-straight-ahead pose. Abby and Carter are so immature. I don't personally think this scene has anything to do with a resurrection of the supposed triangle; it's more that things are obviously strained with Carter and Abby, and who else to highlight that awkwardness but Luka, who used to date Abby and probably would totally get half of what their problem is? Luka already called her on what a miserable gloomy-guts she is. Luka and Carter need to go bowling. Strip bowling.

The elevator opens and our new MedEvac paramedic -- Donal Logue from Grounded For Life and The Tao of Steve -- hurtles out of the copter with a gurney. On it is John Rushing, thirty-seven, found on old Route 10 outside Pembroke. They suspect it was a hit-and-run. "Is Susan Lewis working today?" Donal asks. "Yeah, why?" they ask. But before they can get an answer, he's called away.

Rushing is deposited in Trauma Yellow, where they rifle through his wallet and establish that he's an accountant; he's from Indiana; and judging by the king-size condom, he's an optimist. Carter wonders aloud, and a tad suspiciously, why he was traversing the back roads of Illinois. "Maybe he was exercising," Abby suggests a bit defensively. "Not in loafers," Luka points out. Carter can't believe they found him out there at all. Romano enters and learns that Rushing is stable but unresponsive, with a possible broken clavicle. "This is why I went to med school -- so I could practice veterinary medicine," he gripes. Carter decides that they don't need a chest tube, but Romano wants to see whose figurative tube is bigger, so he grabs the Sonosite and checks himself. Jerry, meanwhile, bursts in with a call for Luka. "Not in the middle of a trauma," Carter brats. Um, since when, Carter? Since the last few times Abby got phone calls and dropped everything to take them, and you were fine with it? Well. That's nice. I'm glad Mr. Rushing is the beneficiary of the new rule, but you can bet if that call had come in for Abby from Minneapolis, Carter would've been like, "Take it, and also, here's thirty bucks for being pretty." The call is collect, from Zagreb. "Your dad?" Abby mouths. Luka shakes his head in consternation. By now, what with all the inactive gaping he's been doing over Rushing's body, he could've just taken the call and been done with it. "Gordana," Jerry supplies. Romano -- having determined that Carter was right -- throws the Sonosite at Abby and grabs the phone. "Don't ever call this number again," Romano barks, hanging up. Luka is pissed. "You want to chew the fat with the peasants back home, call 10-10-Call The Third World," Romano seethes, storming out. He has a point -- no calls during traumas is a fair rule -- but wow, that was a lame joke. If we turn on the Wood's Lamp, I think we'll see that the writers blew their collective wad before the credits. In the distant background we hear Carter call for c-spine, chest, and pelvis x-rays. "He needs a rectal," we barely hear Luka say as the door swings shut, and it's really funny, because he's staring right at Romano when he says it, and the writers win back some dignity for that subtle little jab. Also, a Word Smoothie to that, Luka.

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