Finders Keepers

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Finders Keepers

Jerry, little mole that he is, tells Romano that he checked the union manual and learned that Romano can only file complaints with the nurse manager -- he can't fire nurses himself. "Fine, tell Hallie or whatever her name is that she can stay," he crabs. Jerry shrugs that she left already. "Good, good, then have her come back, but deduct for the time she was gone," he says, going all Mr. Burns. I'm bored of this already. He's gritchy. We get it. He orders Jerry to study all the manuals so that he can give a report on who Romano can pink-slip and for what reasons. It doesn't even make sense that Romano's being so tight-fisted. Aren't they already short-staffed? We've heard them complain about that before, and we've heard him announce that patient care needs to be lightning-quick, which I don't think can be achieved with a skeleton staff. He's being an idiot. Why did he have to become an idiot?

"Dr. Lewis," Romano says pleasantly, arriving next to Susan at a patient's bed. "What's the story?" She introduces young Sammy, who got hold of his father's nail gun and apparently used it. "Who knew he'd use it as a weapon?" the man smiles weakly. Um, everyone? "He's a seven-year-old boy. Everything's a weapon," Romano retorts accurately. He starts to look at the wound, but Elizabeth appears, so Rocket bristles and beats a hasty retreat. "Apparently, Sammy didn't think it was loaded," Susan says. "No, I knew," Sammy nods. They all swap disturbed looks and decide to quit the scene as quickly as possible. Basically, the man is going to be fine, but for his general lack of common sense and his either terminally stupid or pathetically insane child. Elizabeth probably has to leave because it reminds her too much of Mark, who will never be so dead that he's off-limits for insults. "So, how's it going down here?" Elizabeth knowingly. "Wanna hear something crazy? I miss Weaver," Susan sighs.

In the lounge, Romano stares vacantly at the coffee machine. Elizabeth enters. "Fresh pot," Romano says lifelessly. "Enjoy it while you can." Pleasantly, Elizabeth asks how he's doing. He makes up something about how he's fine with the new digs and the terrible coffee, and refuses to look at her. "Look, I think it's awful, just to let you know," she says gently. "A waste, really, of your...skills, your talent...but I'm sure it'll be temporary." As nice as she sounds, it's kind of clear Elizabeth knows that his skills won't ever be what they once were, and that she's not entirely sure where he does fit in with the skills he has left. "Anything I can do to help?" she asks. Romano yanks open the refrigerator and a bunch of stuff tumbles out, and he acts all sullen, like the Arm of Doom was somehow responsible for all this despite the fact that he didn't try to use it. He fixes Elizabeth with a plaintive stare. "You can kill me now," he says sadly and seriously.

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