Finders Keepers

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Finders Keepers

Mr. Rushing's tox screen came back clean, so no one has any clue as to how he ended up where he did. Abby informs Carter that she noticed he was wearing a wedding ring, so they're trying to track down Mrs. Rushing. They abruptly leave the trauma room together. "Did you know about it?" she asks. "What?" he asks, impatiently. "The Romano coup d'├ętat," she replies. Carter brusquely says that he did not. "Does it mean anything?" she asks. "Yeah. We're screwed," he spits, heading off toward the front desk.

Weaver is on the phone. "Push the admin meeting to 4, and tell the alderman I'm out of the office," we barely hear her say. Nice little throwaway detail. As soon as she's done, Carter greets her, and she responds by dumping a pile of unfinished and hideously boring-sounding studies into his lap. He accepts them, but grudgingly, because Teacher gets bored of overeager pets. "So, how long is Romano going to be down here?" he asks, curiously. Weaver gulps, "What makes you think it's not permanent?" Carter duhs that to run the ER, you have to get along well with others and have certain clinical talents. "He is, uh, an experienced physician," Weaver says, fussing with some paperwork so as to avoid eye contact. Carter complains that Romano's background is in surgery. "John, you have to be the associate professor before you can be considered for department head," Weaver levels with him. Carter snorts that he's not after the job -- he just wants to avoid having to do someone else's. She stares after him for a second, then reaches for her crutch and finds it missing. "All right, which one of you smart-asses stole my crutch?" she bleats.

Luka speaks soft Croatian into the telephone. "I understand," I say. "I'll be there in an hour, and when I get there, you'd better not be wearing pants." Abby and Susan stroll outside, the former asking Susan conversationally if she has any plans that night. "Oh, me and this guy named TiVo," Susan grins. "You?" Abby shakes her head. "Nah," she says, a tad disappointed, I think. They stop where Luka is and look at him questioningly when he hangs up the phone. He explains that he went to med school in Croatia with Gordana, and she's treating a young boy with post-shunt tetrology with pulmonary atresia. Okay. Last time I checked, that translated to "yikes yikes lung yikes." Abby and Susan both cluck out an "Ooooh" to prove that my translation is correct. Basically, the tot needs extensive surgery that no one in Croatia is qualified to perform, so Luka has been on the phone all morning with his tailor trying to get his hero cape custom-made. He's interrupted by an incoming rig toting a junkie who dislocated his shoulder and fractured a rib while running. The junkie's annoying girlfriend insists that he's not high and that he'll be staying that way. Susan totally doesn't care. They wheel the junkie inside.

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