First Snowfall

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First Snowfall

"I toil for hours, and you're the one to do the honors," the transplant doctor tells Nathan when he arrives in the OR. Nathan is confused, but he's all scrubbed up and ready to help. Elizabeth smiles as he gingerly grabs the open-heart cardioversion paddles and places them on each side of Matt's newly installed heart. "Clear," he says, awestruck. The heart starts to beat when they shock it. "His brother will always be with him," Elizabeth coos. Nathan, moved, breathes, "Wow." The heart continues to beat. It'll have that pesky new-heart smell for a couple months, and it doesn't come with a warranty, but otherwise it's good to go. We fade to black wondering if this is the last time we'll ever see Don Cheadle, and whether he'll remember us fondly and sign our yearbooks and have a great summer, staying sweet and not ever changing. TTFN, Don Cheadle.

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