First Snowfall

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First Snowfall

Outside, Abby hurriedly gives Carter some instructions -- she wants him to pack some t-shirts, socks, and underwear. "Make sure you pull from the top," she warns. "Those are my respectable ones." What, the crotchless crack-flosser is too sexy for men in uniform? Perhaps Abby should consider her audience, and the amount of success she might have if her undies-to-skin ratio is tiny. As she staggers up to the cab, Gallant appears with a dry-cleaning bag dangling from his fingers. "Uniform," he says. Carter grins smugly that he thought it might help Abby's cause. He's all proud that he thwarted her admittedly short-sighted refusal to bring Gallant. "You don't have to do this, Gallant," Abby sighs. "Never been to Omaha," he smiles casually. Carter slides a textbook across the top of the cab so that Gallant can study for a major exam while traveling. Abby turns to Carter with a wry grin, figuring that Gallant shouldn't risk failing his rotation because of her family. That would be yet another way Abby's family could make viewers miserable. Carter quietly informs Abby that his flight lands at 11:30 the next morning. Abby stares at him for a second, and the merest hint of affection creeps into her eyes. "Thank you," she says, but it comes off way too grudging to be truly grateful; she hugs him gingerly. "See you in Nebraska," he whispers. We see Abby hug Carter tighter for a second before letting go, staring at him again, and ducking into the cab. Carter taps on the window, and the car putters away.

As Carter ambles back inside, the camera shifts upward for an overhead shot of him staring in wonder at the tiny snowflakes drifting from the sky. But on this show, it can't just snow. It has to The Great Sweeps Week Weather Crisis. A weird twinkly music-box tune plays as we see time pass; the window outside the ER frosts, the snow continues to fall, and when Carter re-emerges in daylight, he stops short: the ambulance bay is blanketed by at least a foot of snow, a lone rig almost buried in place. The Jarring Chord of Dude, Where's My Rig? slams us into the commercial break. We fade to black wondering why absolutely no ambulances came to County all night to disrupt the enormous cake of snow.

Nathan stands rooted to the floor outside the men's room, unable to will himself inside. He must've heard about all the unflattering camera angles that have been perpetrated in there. "Come on, come on," he urges his foot through gritted teeth. Carter wanders down the hall on his cell phone and holds the door open, gesturing for Nathan to lead the way inside. Nathan shakes his head. "I could be here awhile," he admits. The camera pans around Nathan as the door swings shut; Mr. Heckles drifts into the background spouting math theorems. He doesn't really have a point in this episode; he just shows up all hot with the axioms and Pythagoras and the alphabetic erotica of Poindexters everywhere. This is enough to impel Nathan's funky limb to hightail into the bathroom. "You okay?" Carter asks him casually. Nathan limps to the urinal. "It's worse when I wake up," he shrugs. They banter about the snow -- It fell! A lot! They're trapped! -- until Carter's cell phone rings.

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