First Snowfall

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First Snowfall

Abby sucks down a cigarette. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," Gallant warns her lightly. Abby Knows Best is all, "Nurse this, boy." So Gallant casually nods over toward a tanker of jet fuel; still, Abby snarls and doesn't put out her butt. Brat. "Amy Lockhart?" calls out a friendly- but officious-looking young lieutenant. Abby whirls and corrects him on the name; he introduces himself as Lt. Ottenson -- no idea if that's right; my closed-captioning is broken and I couldn't find the character's name anywhere -- and explains that Eric hasn't officially been charged with anything. "Is he acting combative?" Abby asks hurriedly. "I don't know, I haven't seen him yet," Ottenson apologizes. Abby demands to see Eric, and learns to her frustration that he's not there. "He was transferred to base hospital Saturday morning," Ottenson says. Abby tenses and suppresses her urge to beat the ottenson out of him.

Carter marches out of the ER. A snowball beans him in the head; a contrite Erin freaks, eyes big as planets. "I thought you were Malik," she gushes. "Do I look like Malik?" Carter wonders, amused. Malik trots up behind Erin. "Sorry, man, you ain't that good-looking," he grins, thwacking Erin in the head with what looks like an ice ball and clearly tickled that his balls are flying at her face. "What are you doing?" Carter asks. "You told me to play in the snow," Erin panics, looking afraid that Carter's about to bust her for goofing off. "You can't let him outflank you like that," Carter advises kindly, sauntering off on his way. Erin snaps into action and, geeked by the ball warfare, ducks to make another snow missile.

On his way out, Carter bumps into Luka Kovac, who has skied to work. On downhill skis, so that can't have been terribly quick or fun, but hey, he gets to look manly and overpaid. Luka asks if Abby found Eric. Carter explains importantly that he's en route to Midway to sit there and wait for the airport to re-open so he can go to Nebraska. "She's already there. She left last night," Carter adds. Luka studies him. "You didn't go with her?" Luka asks. "I had a shift," Carter says. "I sent Gallant with her." Luka cocks an eyebrow. "Yeah?" he asks. "Why?" Carter retorts, starting to get a little defensive. He wants to throw down, but he's intimidated by Luka's giant pole. Ski pole, that is. Luckily, this stops before they whip it out and golden-shower each other to death in a shockingly literal pissing contest. Susan shouts that they've got multiple traumas incoming; a drunk driver plowed into a family that was building a snowman. "Where's Weaver?" Carter asks. No go -- Weaver's car is stuck, and Susan points out that it's going to take a while for her to cane her way through the snow. "I thought we were closed to ambulance traffic. How's anybody going to get here, anyway?" Carter pouts, frowning and stomping back to the hospital while mentally adding another chapter to his autobiography, Nobody Knows The Trouble I Seen.

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