First Snowfall

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First Snowfall

I'm so bored of Abby complaining. Here's another scene where she moans and groans about not being told anything, like military information is some big national-security secret or something. Personally, I don't blame them for trying to keep the terrorist of misery out of the loop. Gallant makes all these cute overtures, offering to pick up food for Abby and Maggie, but She Who Is Selfish cuts him off and pats him condescendingly on the lapels. I want to smack her for disrespecting his torso. "You came here to help me get on base, and I got on base," she says. "Thank you. Now you should go." Gallant doesn't think he needs to, but Abby argues this at every turn. "This is my family," she says quietly. "You should go." And he disappears, just like that -- the shot moves slightly, he's no longer in it, and then poof, he's gone. I can't believe Abby didn't even so much as hug Gallant or offer him anything other than "I'm only thanking you so you'll get out of my face" gratitude. At this point, I'd be buying him chocolates and flowers and nibbling on his ear. Is that wrong?

Ottenson appears. "Can I go in now?" Abby asks expectantly. "He asked to see his mom," Ottenson says uncomfortably. "Only his mom." Abby's gutted once again. "Does he know I'm here?" Abby asks. Ottenson affirms this. "And he doesn't want to see me?" Abby asks in a tiny voice. She crumples inside a little. Maggie promises to put in a good word for her and leaves Abby alone to lick her wounds. Maura Tierney does some weird duck-lipped pout thing, like she's about to quack herself into a tearful hissyfit.

Meanwhile, Dodger's wife is sliced wide open, which is usually not a good sign this early in the show. "He's getting consent?" Susan asks, nodding toward Nathan's furtive and fevered discussion with Dodger. "He's trying," Elizabeth nods. "Comes in handy, I guess," Susan observes. "He's good at talking patients into stuff." The mother goes into arrest; next door, Matt's in v-tach. Elizabeth tears off her gloves and tells them they can stick a fork in the mother; she's done.

Matt's getting shocked. They dope him up with all kinds of stuff, but he's not responding. Nathan staggers inside. "I got it," he breathes. "I showed him the EEG." Matt's heart is still struggling to find its rhythm. "Get the brother upstairs," Elizabeth orders Nathan. "I need that transplant team now." Suddenly, Matt's heart stabilizes for a second, and Elizabeth decides that this might be their only safe window to get him up to the OR. Carter's understandably a little nervous about this, but Elizabeth points out that their options are limited here. They are getting close to half-time, and every second of non-advertiser blowjob time counts.

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