First Snowfall

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First Snowfall

Outside, Dodger sweetly puts his hand on Toby's face. "I'm here, kiddo," he whispers lovingly. "It's not gonna hurt." Aw, that's so sad. Usually the tertiary medical drama does nothing for my heartstrings, but Dodger's bumming me out. Luka watches the mother flatline. Elizabeth rushes Matt's gurney toward the elevator. "You gotta make this work," Dodger pleads. "You promised me." Elizabeth looks worriedly at him as the elevator doors close, leaving Dodger alone with Nathan and Toby. Dodger wipes his prodigiously sweaty forehead and sighs. "It's okay, baby," he tells Toby. "You're gonna help your brother, okay?" Nathan watches this with sad eyes. Dodger suddenly snaps his head up. "Bring him in to my wife," he says. You know, it's so funny how "in to" versus "into" can change a sentence. The first time I wrote that, it read, "Bring him into my wife," and it all felt uncomfortably Star Trek. "She's got to say goodbye," sniffles Dodger. Nathan hangs his head, fairly sure that Dodger's day is about to become a long, painful, non-Austrian version of So Long, Farewell, but without singing nuns or moppets. We fade to black feeling pretty damn sorry for Dodger, yet pretty damn sure that he, Steven Tyler, and Patrick Ewing all descended from the same half-evolved Neanderthal family.

Shirley helps herd the gurneys into OR-2. But before they get there, Matt crashes into v-fib again and the paddles are dead, so Elizabeth bolts into the OR, grabs two paddles, stretches them into the hallway, and shocks him back into a safe heart rhythm. Then the camera follows her as she sprints into the scrub room and washes up while someone puts a hairnet on her. This scene is very well blocked; all her marks must be very precise, and she hits them all. "Where's my transplant team?" she screams. Carter, in the OR with Matt, wants to know what to do. Elizabeth gowns up and tells Shirley to prep Toby next door; she's going to get things going until the transplant team shows up. Where's My Scalpel in A Minor plays as Elizabeth grabs the knife and whips up a batch of Fillet of Matt. Through a series of quick cuts, we see the prep procedure's different stages; finally, the transplant doctors rush inside to take the helm. "And I thought I had a snow day," the doctor grins. Elizabeth and Carter leave the OR, but turn to watch. "Wow," Carter breathes. "Yeah," Elizabeth nods. "WOW," Carter repeats, this time with more awed emphasis. "Yeah," grins Elizabeth, glowing. It's really kind of cute. It's been a while since Elizabeth got excited about her work.

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