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Benton passes just then and asks Elizabeth whether she's seen the "incarcerated hernia" yet. Elizabeth blows him off: "In a minute," but he tells her, "No, now." Oh, whatever, Little Big Britches. Besides, if the man's incarcerated, what's the rush? Ha ha! Okay, sorry. Conni catches up to Benton and hands him an EKG on a new patient. As Benton inspects it, she adds, "I got a guy on a backboard who's been there for two hours. When are you going to clear his neck?" Benton says he'll do it when he gets there. She asks whether he wants her to call Weaver in, and he forcefully replies, "No!" Some dude in the hallway whines, "Are you ever going to sew me up?" Benton dismissively says that they're busy and asks him to wait where he is. Randi crosses his path pushing a whiteboard, explaining, when he asks: "Second board. We're totally backed up." Chuny adds that four patients just left without being seen. Dr. Dave sarcastically says that he knows what the solution is: "We see them, send off labs and x-rays, and have them wait in chairs." Chuny snaps, "Are you crazy? We need monitoring, IVs, medication...." Haleh opines, "The problem is, you doctors order too many damn tests. You should be reviewing their charts! Keeping things moving!" Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen appears, apparently to pick up her cheque, and tells Benton she has a stroke patient who needs a monitored bed; without making eye contact, he tells her there aren't any, and that she should put him in the hall. Say goodbye to Chen, because you won't be seeing her again. Haleh tells Benton that none of the nurses has even had lunch. Someone else, whose face I can't see, says that an ambulance just dropped off a stab-wound to the belly. Benton literally throws up his hands and relents: "Get me the phone." I have to assume he's calling Weaver. Or the hospital in Philadelphia that offered him the surgical attending job.

In the ambulance, things don't look so good for Tom. Mark calls for an amp of epi, and Nurse Extra pointedly remarks, "He needs a pacemaker, Dr. Greene. We should be in a hospital. Any hospital." Paramedic #1 looks reproachful, and then answers a phone (or radio -- whatever) when it rings. Tom continues to struggle, and Mark tells Nurse Extra to open up the dopamine before taking the phone, assuring Elizabeth that they're five minutes out, and informing her that Tom "can't talk right now." "He's out," Nurse Extra elaborates; she's lost his pulse. Mark looks worried. Well, gee, Mark, maybe you should have brought him to a hospital near Tetanusville instead of to your home turf. Too bad you're an idiot. Nurse Extra starts compressions. Mark throws the phone back to the paramedic, who comments, "We could've been at Oakdale ten minutes ago. I'm going on record that you overrode our policy." Normally I don't go for that bureaucratic shit, but fucking right, Paramedic #1. Paramedic #2, driving, adds, "There's going to be an incident report on this." "Shut up!" yells Mark to #2. What a clever retort. To #1, he yells, "And get back to work." Okay, if I were either paramedic, I'd pull that rig over and throw Mark out of it ass-first. It's his fault they're in the jam they're in, and he's not helping not to kill his patient by getting all petulant and snippy. Tom's eyes roll back in his head as Mark attempts cheer: "Hang in there, Tom. You're gonna make it. Janet's there." Mark, for real, shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you.

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