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Flight Of Fancy

Elizabeth meets Tom's gurney at the ambulance-bay doors. She asks how long he's been down, and Paramedic #1 says he never arrested. Mark adds, "He just needs help maintaining a pulse." Yes, and doesn't he need that help with a pacemaker?! YOU SUCK, MARK! OH MY GOD! Elizabeth tells him, "You look exhausted." Yes, of all the people in the rig, Mark is the one about whom you should be concerned, NOT. Nurse Extra exposits, "He wouldn't let us relieve him." That's only the least egregious thing he "wouldn't let" you do. A cart is blocking the hall, and Mark yells, "Coming through!" to no avail. Janet runs over and asks what happened; Elizabeth tells Mark who Janet is, and Mark tells her that Tom had a heart attack and needs a pacemaker. He adds, "You can take his hand." Trying to keep the worry out of her voice, Janet says, "Hi, Tom? It's me, I'm here." She asks Mark whether Tom can hear her, and then feels him squeezing her hand. Elizabeth suggests an intra-aortic balloon, which Mark pronounces "not a bad idea." They arrive at a trauma room, where Chuny and several others are already working on a patient. Mark whines that he needs the room (did you call ahead? No), and Chuny tells him that, hi, they already need it, and that County is supposed to be closed to trauma. Wow, it's too bad no one told Mark that when there was still enough time to get Tom to another hospital. Oh, wait. Someone did. And Mark ignored him. Because HE SUCKS. They bicker over the room; Mark tries to rush them out, and the rapid infuser detaches from Chuny's patient and starts spraying blood literally all over the place. Chuny tries to corral it -- and of course, it's right in the midst of this chaotic scene that Kerry "B. Toklas" Weaver shows up at the trauma-room door and barely escapes getting a stream of blood sprayed clear across her clothes. She tries to find out what's going on; Mark explains that he just got back from transport, having left Benton in charge. "Benton?!" Weaver repeats, incredulously.

At the desk, Benton looks like he's about to collapse, shuffling the countless waiting patients around. Dr. Dave says that he has a patient who says her tongue is too smooth. Benton wearily replies, "Tell her to get a life." Dr. Dave tells him that a smooth tongue can be a sign of pernicious anemia. So if you knew that, why were you asking a damn surgeon about it? Weaver crutches over to the desk and makes a rather predictable remark -- day off, hell, can probably fill in the blanks, there. Benton tries to defend himself by saying he's never seen it so busy before, and Haleh snorts, "It's like this every day." Romano chooses this moment to appear and tell Benton he just heard that County was closed to trauma. Weaver replies that they aren't, and Benton whines, "How can we? We can't see another critical patient!" Weaver tells Lisa to call the nursing supervisor, and to get every remotely stable patient moved out of the ICU. As Weaver continues barking orders at Lisa, Romano pontificates, "I was under the mistaken impression that you could manage the ER." Benton yells back that he was the only attending, since Luka never showed up. Weaver overhears this and interjects, "He didn't show?" Lisa lamely offers, "He might have switched his shift with someone." Romano snots, "In twenty years, I have never been late for surgery, but I guess you people work on a different standard. And, Peter, based on your performance today, maybe you're not the guy for the per-diem job." He storms off, and Benton rolls his eyes in disgust.

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