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Flight Of Fancy

Conni gives Carter "lab results on Emma Miller." Carter looks at the sheet and moans, "Oh, man!" "That's tough," Conni agrees. Carter says, "She's fifteen years old." They pass by Tom's trauma room, where his pacer is "capturing well." Elizabeth does her thing with the balloon, and Mark asks Janet to talk to him in the hall. She leans over Tom and whispers that she'll be right back, before following Mark. He quietly tells her that the pump will bring up his blood pressure. She asks whether Tom will live long enough to get the heart transplant, and Mark says he doesn't know. He neglects to add, "My error in judgment -- inexplicably insisting that we bring him here instead of to a nearer hospital -- may have cost him his life. My bad." Janet's face falls; she looks back at Tom's bed for a moment, and then tells Mark, "I wanna marry him." Mark starts to tell her that Tom couldn't survive a trip outside the hospital, and she asks whether they can do it there. Mark noncommittally says that they can try, and Janet says that she thinks it would help Tom to recover if they did marry. You know what else would have helped? If Mark had let the paramedics take Tom to Oak-- oh, you know.

In an exam room, Trent's girlfriend Emma is asking Carter whether it's possible the lab made a mistake with her test result. Carter says that he wouldn't be telling her the result if he weren't certain. Both Emma and Trent look terrified. Emma protests, "But I don't feel sick! You should do the test again." Carter tells her that if she starts taking medication now, she can stay healthy, and she tearfully replies, "No! I know what happens! Everybody dies!" Carter resumes his compassionate smirking to tell her that's not true: "Look at Trent. He's had HIV his whole life. Look at him!" Emma tells Trent she wishes they'd never had sex. Elizabeth's voice comes on the ER PA system as she adds, "I feel you, sister." Trent tells her that he didn't know he was sick, and asks Carter to confirm the claim. Carter says, "This is a lot for you to handle. And you're both going to need some help. So before you go, I would like you both to speak to a counsellor." Emma stands up and makes for the door; Trent stops her before she can go all the way out, and Carter tells them he'll leave them alone to talk. On his way out, he adds, "Before you do anything, talk it over." What does that even mean? What are their options on the "anything" Carter thinks they're going to do? Shut up, Carter. He leaves, and then spies on them through the window.

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