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Flight Of Fancy

With things under slightly better control, Weaver asks Benton about various patients, and then tells him that Romano was out of line. "When isn't he?" snorts Benton. Weaver elaborates that it was unfair of him to throw Benton "into the deep end and expect [him] to swim; no one masters ER management on their first day." They walk toward the desk just in time to see a guy collapsed in triage. It's the back-pain patient from the Urgent Care centre; Weaver asks Benton what his deal was, and when Benton doesn't answer, Malik goes through Back Pain's chart and sees that Benton accepted him from the Urgent Care centre. "What? And he's been waiting in chairs?" Weaver asks incredulously. "For two hours," adds Malik. Benton repeats the diagnosis he'd heard on the phone: "They said it was just a back sprain." "The doctor told you that," Weaver leads him, slowly, and Benton confesses that he didn't actually speak to the doctor. Weaver's like, "Dude." But she uses more words, and those words are, "Oh, great. Well, now he's bleeding out." Weaver, don't rub it in. You were at a chrysanthemum show, for chrissakes.

Tom is, apparently, stable, and off his breathing tube. He asks where Janet is, and Mark says she's on the phone with city hall, trying to get a clerk to come issue them a marriage license. Tom chuckles, "That's crazy!" Mark agrees that people in love do crazy things. Tom says that he wanted to wait until after the transplant to get married so that he could "chase her down the aisle," and that he didn't want her to marry a "cardiac cripple." Mark heartily says that if Tom gets a heart, Janet won't (marry a cardiac cripple). Duh, really? I don't think Tom had made that connection before. Tom asks how long he'll be able to last on his pump, and Mark admits that it's only a couple of weeks. Tom figures that there are "pretty lousy odds" of his getting a heart with the same blood type, that's a tissue match, within that time, and Mark notes that the odds were worse when Tom has having a heart attack while the helicopter was going down. Tom smiles. He has a nice smile.

Carter and Lisa run into each other at a shelf of supplies. He's icy. She tries to make sponsorly conversation about Emma and Trent, and Carter blows her off -- "It's pretty rough" -- and walks off. She trots after him, asking whether he's okay, or if he wants to take a break. He says he's going to plug in two new patients, and then come and find her. She seems mollified, and scurries off. He calls after her, "Talk to Kovac?" "Not yet," she replies.

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