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Speaking of Kovac...oh, hello. He's staring at the totally fake-looking wax figure we're meant to believe is CST. The pathologist comes in and tells him they finished the autopsy. She offers to review some of the pertinent findings, and he grunts his assent. She launches straight in: "There were multiple contusions to the occipital cortex....And if you'll take a look here, you'll see numerous fractures consistent with repetitive blunt trauma." "I know how he died," Luka interrupts, with his hand in front of his eyes. She wouldn't have known the circumstances? I know a lot of gossip probably doesn't filter down to the morgue, but come on. Anyway, she offers that CST was a smoker, and that he may have once lived in a particular agricultural area in central California. "Maybe he grew up on a farm?" Luka guesses. The pathologist will neither confirm nor deny this theory, and continues to observe that CST has grease under his fingernails and a biker-club tattoo: "He could be just a drifter, but we'll probably never know. Happens all the time. Listen, I'm happy to tell you what his liver weighed and stuff, but we're trying to work in here, and there's room for either you or your inner demons, but not both. Look, four of them are drinking that formaldehyde. Knock it off!" The demons are shooed into the hall, and Luka resumes staring at CST's lifeless face and fidgeting his fist against his mouth.

Back in the land of the living, Carter treats a kid with a Razor-scooter-related injury. In the hall, Carter tells Haleh which x-rays to order, while behind him, Chuny hurries past, with her arm around Emma; Emma is sobbing, "It happened so fast! We were having a fight, and he ran into the street, and a car hit him." Carter follows them into a trauma room, where Weaver, Benton, and others are working on...yes. Trent. Emma begs Trent not to die and says, "I need to be with him." Close-up on Trent's head, which is what one might describe as "caved-in." Carter stares, in shock, through the glass. That is what I call a decidedly scrapy couple of weeks, dude.

Mark finds a chaplain. He explains the Tom/Janet situation. Janet hangs up the phone and says that they won't be able to get a license since city hall is closing. The chaplain says that without a license, any marriage he performs won't be legally binding. Mark tells him that Tom and Janet just want a blessing. The chaplain is good to go.

Randi asks Luka whether he traded his shift; Luka flatly replies, "No." Weaver starts mildly chewing him out over failing to answer his pages. He asks what the problem is. She says the problem is that she had to come in and cover for him. Luka mumbles that he thought he was on tonight, and she tells him he was mistaken. He apologizes. She hassles him some more, saying that his failure to show up is grounds for dismissal. He wearily rubs his forehead and replies, "Fine, Kerry -- fire me." She changes her tone and says, "I know that you've been through a lot. If you need to take some time off, tell me -- but you can't miss any more shifts. And you can't keep bringing all your inner demons with you, because they're taking up all the chairs." He tells her he can work tonight, but she -- responding, no doubt, to his vampiric pallor -- tells him he's not needed tonight, and that he should go home. He starts to leave, and pauses in the hall when he spots Lisa outside the lounge. They gaze at each other for a moment, and then he continues on his way, without a word. She runs after him.

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