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Outside, in the ambulance bay, she finally catches up to him and asks him not to walk away. She asks where he's been. "Abby, please," he says, exhaustedly. She tells him she wants to help, and begs, "Just talk to me!" He tells her there's nothing to say, and goes. She has no response to that. Luka's inner demons are too slow to catch him, and they stand on each other's shoulders to hail a cab.

The chaplain marries Tom and Janet. He's lying in bed. Someone's gone to the cafeteria to find a single anemic rose in a vase. Mark and Elizabeth act as Best Man and Maid of Honour. The Parallelism Fairy wanders by, bitterly eating a box of raisins from the vending machine, and asks a passing nurse, "Am I supposed to be in there? Or do you think they get it?" The nurse -- it's that guy with the mullet -- tells him he's pretty sure we get it. Carter wanders away from the happy couple and into the adjacent trauma room, to cover dead Trent with a sheet. Chuny leads Emma in and tells her to stay as long as she wants. Emma watches as Carter goes about his business, totally failing to meet her eye as he tells her how sorry he is. "Get out of here!" she hisses. Carter looks disappointed, again, and slightly constipated. I like Noah Wyle, but this episode hasn't been a showcase for the best work of his career. "It's your fault," she whispers. He sort of cocks his head in a "you know that's not true" gesture, but ultimately respects her wishes and leaves her alone. I think she and I may have the same coat.

The wedding concluded, Janet very gingerly kisses Tom, and Mark and Elizabeth congratulate them. Janet and Tom thank them for everything (whatever), and everyone leaves. In the hall, Mark asks Elizabeth about their wedding co-ordinator, and Elizabeth gasps that she totally forgot to call and cancel, and Mark tells Elizabeth to blame it on him, and his medical emergency. I always blame it on you, because you are a medical emergency. Elizabeth loudly exhales, "Oh, the hell with her!" Blah blah blah, she has an epiphany and realizes that she doesn't want a big fussy wedding. Well, duh. They kiss. God, if only he had fallen 2150 feet -- onto a bicycle with no seat.

Benton tells Weaver that the aneurysm repair on Urgent Care Guy is going well. Weaver tells him that she thinks it would be best if Benton only saw patients in the ER. Benton seems amenable. She adds, "Peter, you're an excellent surgeon, but ER management is not the best use of your skills. Leave that to us." That's gotta hurt. Not. He goes into an exam room and introduces himself to a Mrs. Barnwall. She has a pain in her hip. He apologizes for the length of her wait. She asks him whether he's an intern, and he tells her he's a faculty physician. She beams, "Oh, your mother must be very proud." Benton grins back that she was. He asks how long she's had this pain, and she replies, "Before we get much further, I'd like to say that I would be more at ease with another doctor....You look like a fine young man, but I've always had white doctors. I've always felt more comfortable that way." (By the way -- and not that I would mention it under other circumstances -- Mrs. Barnwall is African-American, and as QueenoSin has observed on the forums, this plot is lifted straight out of City of Angels. Don't fuck with us, ER. We are the industry standard. Anyway, Benton confirms that Mrs. Barnwall only wants to see a white doctor, and Mrs. Barnwall chuckles and says, "If it's all right with you." Benton smiles that it's fine: "You'll just have to wait another three hours." OH, SCRAPE!

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