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Flight Of Fancy

Benton stomps out, slams down Mrs. Barnwell's chart, and books. Carter asks Randi whether she's seen Lisa, and Randi says she saw her punch out. Carter nods and angrily bites his lip. (Sidebar: if I were Lisa, and somehow found myself in a struggle between Carter and Luka, over to which of them I should pay more attention, I would try to settle the dispute in a three-way discussion, if you know what I'm saying, and I think you do. Okay, seriously, I know some people on the forums have commented on what a shitty sponsor Lisa is -- and so did I, last week -- but, to her credit, she did try to tell Carter she was not sponsor material, besides which, she watched Luka beat a man to death last week and is -- understandably, I think -- more concerned that his emotional wounds might need more immediate attention. So I don't fault her for forgetting her duties toward Carter, so much, and in fact I think that, after the way she ditched him last week, for a much less noble reason, he should have already found a new sponsor.) Anyway, Weaver asks whether Carter has a minute, and he tells her that he's just on his way out. She drums her fingers on the desk a moment, then follows him.

Weaver catches up to Carter in the lounge. He opens his locker and puts away his lab coat. She says, "John, you had a bad day. We all have bad days." He nods noncommittally and avoids her gaze until she commands him to look at her. He finally does so, but in the reluctant manner of a sullen teenager. She continues, "You have to make tough choices, do what you think is right, and accept the outcome." "I shouldn't have told him," Carter replies flatly. "You had to!" Weaver exclaims. Carter shrugs on his coat and tells her he'll see her tomorrow. Desperate to stop him before he takes off, she offers to take him for dinner. He tells her he has an AA meeting at 9, and she quickly tells him, "You'll make it." He reluctantly slides his bag off his shoulder and nods, smiling tightly. He traipses back to his locker, his every movement making it clear the favour he's doing her. Carter, I know you haven't said a word in the past thirty seconds, but, shut up. The woman is trying to help you. Try to be a little gracious about it.

Benton strolls into Doc Magoo's and spots Finch at the counter. Can I join you? It's a counter, you can sit anywhere. Clearly not terribly interested, she observes that he "survived." Benton ruefully replies that Weaver told him he was incompetent -- which she didn't, really, but whatever. Finch is unmoved. As usual. Finch reminds him that the per-diem job is just temporary, until he can get back into Surgery, and he says that he needed to show them that he could run an ER. Finch tells him that his being able to do so, or not, has no bearing on his surgical career, and Benton tells her that his inability to perform in the ER today reflects poorly on him. She tells him he can't be perfect at everything, and drawls, "So, do you feel better having said this to a sympathetic ear?" Good thing she had the sympathetic one turned to him, and the supersonic one on the other side, today. He admits that he does, and thanks her. She replies, "You know, I've had some problems, and I haven't had anyone to talk to." That's patently untrue. Microsoft has twenty-four-hour tech support. He stares, and she asks, "Are you ever going to be there for me? Because you sure as hell haven't been." She pays her bill and books. He sighs. Dude, you are SO better off.

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