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Flight Of Fancy

Romano spots Benton accompanying the appendectomy patient in the general direction of Surgery. Romano cheerfully announces that he'll take it -- stepping out from behind the desk and directly into the path of the bed -- and tells Benton to stay in the ER. Benton assumes that there's a trauma coming in, but Romano explains that Benton's going to cover the whole ER for Mark. Benton spits, "What?!" Romano hands him three charts to get him started: "Diarrhea, ear pain, and weak and dizzy all over." Which, incidentally, describes exactly my symptoms whenever Mark and Elizabeth make out...or worse...I don't like to think about it. Benton starts to argue that seeing to such ailments isn't within his purview as a surgeon, but Romano tells him, "'Per diem' means 'per my discretion.'" Doesn't it mean "per day"? Like, Benton is basically a temp at the hospital and has to do whatever tasks are at hand on any given day he's called in to work? ["I have serious problems believing that 1) the hospital's legal department would allow such an arrangement, or that 2) the hospital could get insured for it. This entire storyline is now so fantastic, in the original sense of that word, as to belong on Popular." -- Sars] Anyway, Romano takes off, and Benton scowls after him. Mark hangs up the phone and puts on a bomber jacket that must remind Anthony Edwards of the "Goose" era -- probably the last time he was allowed within a hundred feet of Meg Ryan. Benton pouts that he hasn't done primary care since he was in med school, and Mark -- clearly anxious to leave on the fun, exciting assignment -- cheerfully assures him that he'll only have to cover until Luka arrives. At the elevator, Benton asks Mark how long his flight is, and Mark says he doesn't know. Benton asks where Mark's going...

...and then we're on the roof, where Mark is telling Elizabeth "Bride-a-Wee" Corday he's going to Grass Creek, Indiana. They're both screaming at each other over the noise of the helicopter. She tells him that the wedding co-ordinator's coming at noon, and Mark says he knows. She starts snitting at him in advance, assuming that he'll be late (presumably since she saw the previews last week, too), and he tells her to talk to the wedding planner herself, since he doesn't give a shit. Well, he doesn't say the last part, but it's implied. Elizabeth starts going all Monica Geller, squinting and flapping her hands and yelling, "I don't want to handle it! I want you to share in what kind of invitations, menus, flowers --" "I know! I'm stuck! I'm sorry!" he yells back, though not angrily, but because it's loud. She tells him to try to get back quickly -- because otherwise he'd be dawdling in the helicopter with the heart patient, asking the pilot to see how close they can get to the Sears Tower or begging to stop for lunch at that place where Ferris Bueller pretended to be Abe Froman -- and they kiss. Uch. They look like brother and sister. This is seriously the least chemistry between two TV characters since Ellen was supposedly madly in love with William Ragsdale on her sitcom. Elizabeth bellows after Mark, "Have a safe flight!" He doesn't hear her, and she doesn't repeat it. Kiss of death, right there, folks. She might as well be Luka, waving Mark off while engraving the date on his tombstone. She waves at the helicopter, which takes about ten minutes to take off, leaving Elizabeth on the roof, getting smaller and smaller, and...zzzzzz. Cut. CUT. God.

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