Flight Of Fancy

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Flight Of Fancy

Lisa knocks on a hotel-room door. Luka asks who it is, and opens the door when she identifies herself. He opens the door, looking...okay. So hot. He's all pale, right? And sad. And dark. And he's got these big dark circles under his eyes -- but on him, it works. And he's in this ribbed sweater that hangs just so, and jeans that...ditto, and...damn. He is a sight. A sight for me to gaze at with the image paused. Ahhhh. Hello. Anyway, Lisa asks him whether she may come in, and he waves her in, saying, "Sure." He gives his inner demon a roll of quarters and tells them to go play videogames by the pool. It's half-dark in the room, and he stands for a minute, hesitating, scratching his jaw and looking down, before sitting down on the arm of an easy chair, which puts his head about level with her neck. "Abby," he sighs, and she tells him, "You don't have to talk." She takes a step forward, and after a beat, he takes hold of the lapels of her jacket and pulls her closer, resting his head against her chest. She laces her fingers at the back of his neck and holds him, and then he strokes her cheek, and they kiss. Wow.

The silent moment is broken by some shitty singers screaming at me to "FREE [my] MIND" with a Hyundai Elantra. But after that, CTV claims that, next week on ER, Warner Bros. will report huge losses to their operating budget as Sally Field chews her way through all the scenery on the County General set.

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