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Flight Of Fancy

After the credits, Benton is at the desk with Cleo "Blank DuBois" Finch. He says he's got the earache, and she testily tells him, "That's a pedes case." Benton grunts that Romano has him seeing everything today. "And that's a complete waste of your brilliance," Finch sniffs sarcastically. Or condescendingly. It's sometimes hard to tell under the best of circumstances, and it's even tougher considering it's her delivering the lines in her usual bitchy monotone. Benton says that he's apologized, and that if she can't accept his apology, they should at least call a truce so that they can work together. She bares her teeth, and...oh, I'm sorry -- that's supposed to be a bitter smile -- and tells him that he's "amazing": "First you dump me, then you expect me --" He dumped her? Hell, yeah! One chemistry-free couple of convenience down, one to go! Benton protests that he didn't dump her, and she snips, "Then what do you call it? You were going to move to Philadelphia without saying a word to me." Finch, I'm sure he was planning to reformat your hard drive before he left so that you wouldn't even remember that you'd ever dated. Benton mutters, "But I didn't, did I? I stayed here, and I took this damn per-diem job." Finch pouts, "And I'm supposed to believe you did that for me?" Benton stares at her, and she snaps, "That's what I thought." They both walk into an exam room; the earache patient is a little boy who's understandably reticent about having foreign objects stuck in his ear; Benton flounders a bit, at a loss as to how to examine him (particularly after the kid boots him in the ass -- heh), until Finch rescues him by instructing the boy's mother to hold him tightly, and offering the kid a sticker if he behaves. Benton is not at all sorry to let her take over, and takes off as quickly as he can.

In Grass Creek, Indiana, Mark meets the heart patient he's supposed to transport -- Tom Coggins. You can tell Tom is brave because he jokes about missing the scenery during his first helicopter ride. His blood pressure is low, and he informs Mark, "It's always that low; there's not much heart muscle." Tom asks his local doctor to "keep trying Janet," and Dr. Local assures him that he will. Tom tells Mark -- who, by the way, didn't ask -- "That's my fiancée. She's flying in from Montreal today." Mark is like, "Whatever. Tell me if you start to feel sick," and Tom's like, "Nice bedside mannerr, Anthony Michael Bald. Anyway, I'm okay as long as I lie still." Seeing that Mark doesn't give a shit, Tom asks Dr. Local, "Bright side is I get bumped up on the transplant list, right?" Mark asks the pilot, Gordon (dude, the director of the tiny program I majored in at university was named Gordon Coggins. He also taught me Sixteenth-Century Literature, a course in which we spent most of the year studying The Faerie Queene -- and now, here both those names come up in a scene centred on a guy that should, based on his later performance on the job, should be working at a DAIRY QUEEN? COINCIDENCE?), how they are on oxygen; apparently, they're fine, and they hoist Tom into the helicopter.

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