Flight Of Fancy

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Flight Of Fancy

In the helicopter, the nurse checks on Tom's pulse ox, and Mark stares anxiously out the window. Tom asks Mark what his hurry is, since he's been compulsively checking his watch; Mark tells Tom about the wedding planner. Tom grins, "You're taking the plunge! It's a great feeling!" Yeah, for Mark. You should schnapps Elizabeth and ask how great a feeling she thinks it is. Mark distractedly asks what Tom's fiancée's name is, again, and Tom reminds him that it's Janet. Mark pulls out his cell phone and calls the ER to see if they can reach her and get her to meet Tom at County.

And, at County, Randi hands Elizabeth the phone. Carter is on another phone, beside her, telling someone that he needs to speak to someone right away. He then introduces himself to a Dr. Dietrich, says that he just treated Trent, and asks, "If I was [sic] to get a needle stick, is there anything I should know?" Lisa asks Randi whether she's been able to reach Luka yet, and when Randi says she hasn't, Lisa asks her to call the manager and see if they'll send someone to his room. ["I've got someone in mind, and it ain't the manager." -- Sars]

Cut to a crowded, somewhat dingy waiting room, where Luka "Kiss or Kill" Kovac is bent over, cradling his head in his hands. His pager goes off, and he checks it, but apparently ignores the message, whatever it is. The detective from last week's episode appears, and Luka stands and addresses him. Det. Self-Defense shakes his hand and jokes that if Luka spends any more time there (the police station, clearly), he'll "have to get [Luka] a badge and a gun." Luka chuckles feebly, and asks, "So, is there anything...?" Det. Self-Defense jollies him along a bit: "Oh, Dr. Kovac, now, you know the minute there's anything new, I'm gonna call you!" Luka tells Det. Self-Defense that, at the hospital, they take photos for the medical records, and holds out a snapshot. Det. Self-Defense regards it warily, but doesn't take it, and says that the morgue shot of the Common Street Thug Luka killed is already on the police bulletin. Luka pauses for a beat, then holds out the photo again and suggests that Det. Self-Defense take the photo back to "where it happened," and show it around. "We've done our interviews, doc," says Det. Self-Defense gently. "No one knows him." Luka asks, "What about fingerprints?" Det. Self-Defense invites Luka to sit down, and tells him, "Look, I understand how you feel, okay? But the fact is, you're probably better off if no one IDs this guy." Luka worries the photo in his fingers as the detective continues, "No family member's going to come crawling out of the woodwork with some wrongful-death suit." Luka insists, "I don't care! I just need to know who he was." Det. Self-Defense says, "Take my advice, doc. You were defending yourself. Dedicate yourself to believing that." And...hence the name. Luka's inner demons crowd around his chair, begging Luka to take them to the zoo, for a change.

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